Not the eyes, and the whole ocean! 16 ordinary people with dazzling beautiful eyes.

They say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul. If you look in the eyes of the cunning of man can be seen disguised trick; in the eyes of the insidious man - deceit; in the eyes of the good-natured man, you certainly see it open, a good heart; if you try, then in the eyes of a sad person you manage to distinguish the imaginary sea of ​​sadness joy. Eyes give everything ... Even if you lie, your eyes will still tell the truth.

The full ocean eyes you can drown. The eyes tell you about what the words are silent. They have an incredible ability to start a conversation before, as an open mouth. Look at those eyes - and you are there you will see the whole world. He captivates and fascinates, attracts and leaves no one indifferent. There are eyes that have been created in order to bewitch at first sight. This is 16 people from around the world with an incredibly beautiful eyes, from which it is simply impossible to look away. Those eyes are able to look you straight in the soul!

I while viewing these images as if been under the influence of hypnosis. No wonder they say that the most beautiful in the human - eye. Show your friends, these dazzling pictures - they will be delighted!

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