12 years, he was in a coma and now tells IS, from which the blood run cold ...

12 years Martin Pistorius was imprisoned in his own body. Everything is thought that he is unconscious, he does not see or hear anything at all. However, Martin was finally able to tell that it was actually. When you try to imagine myself in his place, is not alone.

Martin saw everything, heard and understood, but could not submit any signal on this. He could not speak and move. Now when you look at Martin's hard to even imagine what he had to go.

He was 12 years old, and he was completely healthy.

Martin grew up in South Africa. One day he came home from school and complained of discomfort.

Martin was getting worse and worse, he lost the ability to speak, muscles weaken, and he could not move.

The doctors decided that it was a new degenerative disease. Parents are told that Martin has completely lost touch with the outside world does not understand what is happening around.

But they were wrong!

Martin says that for 12 years he was conscious, but no one knew.

Here is Martin today. He can talk to your computer, which is the voice of what it prints.

He says he has seen and heard a lot of things, but no one noticed him, as if he were a ghost. One day, he heard his mother in a fit of despair, said that it would be better if he died.

"I had no idea what he hears. I'm so sorry that I said it! "- With pain mother says Martin.

Martin says that he was hurt to hear it, but he understood why my mother said so. He knew that she considers herself a bad mother, that can not cope. It was very hard, because he could not say that she was a good mother and does everything right.

Martin lived at home with his parents, but occasionally he was taken to the medical center, where over it happened, even mocked. But, according to Martin, there were more good doctors than bad. As one who has noticed a spark of life in his eyes. I realized that he was here, and understood everything.

Gradually Martin learned to communicate. He put a Herculean effort and was able to control his body. He graduated from college, got a driver's license and now drives a specially adapted car.

In 2008, he met with his girlfriend's sister, Joanna. In 2009 they were married.

Martin encourages all treat each other with kindness, respect, compassion. Never underestimate the power of reason, the importance of love and faith. You can not stop dreaming.

His words deserve to listen to them, and his inspiring life story does not give up, no matter what!

: Marketium.ru


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