Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander about life after death

Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander survived clinical death. He argues that looked into the underworld, although he himself had not believed.

Blogger Josh Richardson met with one of the top American surgeons who claimed that he saw the afterlife. It is believed, of course, with difficulty, but his story about whether there is life after death, the more convincing that the narrator - a neurosurgeon, and not go to church.

Thousands of people have experienced clinical death and talked about how to see "light at the end of the tunnel", but scientists say that it is only their hallucinations. Strictly speaking, to find a scientist who believes in life after death, it is not so simple. But one of the most famous and experienced neurosurgeons US Aleksendr Dr. Eben, was one of those who believes that his experience was something more than just a hallucination.

His brain has recently attacked the rare disease. Part of the brain that controls thought and emotion - that is, in fact, makes us human, - he passed out completely. Within seven days Eben packed in a coma. Then, when the doctors were ready to stop treatment, and relatives agreed to euthanasia, Eben eyes suddenly opened. He came back.

Restoration of Alexander - a medical miracle. But the real wonder of his story lies elsewhere. At the time, while his body lay in a coma, Alexander went beyond this world, and met with the sort of angelic being who revealed to him the scope of the super-physical existence. He claims that he met and touched the source "of the universe».

Eben history - not a fantasy. Before him there was a story, he was one of the world's best specialists in neurology. He did not believe in God or in life after death, nor in the soul. Today, Eben - a physician who believes that true health can only be achieved when we realize that God and the soul are real, and death - not the end of our journey, but only a transitional point of our existence.

In this story no one would pay attention if it had happened to another person. But what happened with Dr. Eben makes it revolutionary. No scientist or a religious person can not ignore his experience. After all, Eben was full of patients, who returned from a coma. Some of them told the same story that repeats itself is now a neurosurgeon. But then he thought they just hallucinations.

Now Eben, among other things, teaches at the Harvard Medical School. His students, he often talks about his experiences. And no one believes him mad - he continues to work surgeon.

The experience of clinical death usually incredibly changes people. If you have experienced a serious illness or a major accident, it can have on your life much more influence than you can even imagine.

Eben wrote a book: «Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife». In it he not only talked about his experience meeting with the world beyond the grave, and told stories of his patients, who experienced the same thing he did. That is the most striking moments of her.

"I understand what happens to the brain when people are on the verge of death, and I always thought that travel beyond the borders of his own body, which describe those who managed to escape death, have a scientific explanation. The brain - amazingly complex and extremely delicate mechanism. Reduce the amount of oxygen that it needs to a minimum, and the brain will react. The fact that people who have suffered serious injuries, coming back from his "travel" with strange stories, there was no news. But this does not mean that their travel were real »...

I do not envy those who believed that Jesus was more than just a good man, the victim of society. I deeply sympathize with those who believed that somewhere out there is a God who truly loves us. In fact, I envied the feeling of security that these people gave their faith. But as a scientist, I just knew, and did not believe ...

Early in the morning four years ago, I woke up with a severe headache. Doctors Virginia Lynchburg General Hospital, where he worked as a neurosurgeon, I decided that I had somehow contracted a very rare disease - bacterial meningitis, which mostly attacks infants. E. coli bacteria have penetrated into my spinal fluid and devouring my brain. When I arrived at the emergency room, my chances that I will live, not to lay vegetables were extremely low. Soon they fell to almost zero. For seven days I lay in a deep coma, my body did not respond to stimuli, and the brain does not funktsioniroval.Zatem the morning of the seventh day, when the doctor decides whether to continue treatment, my eyes opened ...

Scientific explanation of the fact that while my body was in a coma, my mind and my inner world was alive and well, not. While the neurons of the cerebral cortex were defeated by bacteria, my mind went to other, much larger universe - dimension, which I myself could not even imagine, and that my mind dokomatozny would prefer to call "unreal" .But this measurement, the most described countless survivors of clinical death and other mystical states there. It is, and what I saw and learned, literally opened up to me a new world: a world in which we are a lot more than just the brain and the body, and where death - it's not the attenuation of consciousness, but rather the head of a large and very positive trip. I'm not the first person who discovered evidence that consciousness exists outside the body. These stories are as old as the history of mankind. But as far as I know, no one before me had never been in this dimension is a) their cerebral cortex did not functioned and b) their body is under the supervision of doctors.

All of the major arguments against the experience of being in the afterlife based on the fact that these events are the result of the "failure" of SMC. Its the same experience, however, I have experienced at completely broken crust. According to modern medical understanding of the brain and the mind, I could not even experience far cry from what I had experienced ...

I tried for several months to realize and accept the fact that happened to me. At the beginning of his adventures, I was in the clouds. Big, fluffy, pinkish-white, bulge of the earth on the blue-black sky. High above the clouds flying flock of transparent shimmering beings, leaving behind a long traces, like airplanes. Birds? Angels? These words emerged later, when I wrote down his memories. But none of these words can not describe those things. They are simply different from all that has been on this planet. They were more advanced. The highest form of life ...

From above came a sound like a choir sang beautiful, and I thought, "This is from them?" Later, thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that the sound of joy born of these creatures, who grew up together - they just could not contain it. The sound was almost palpable and tangible, as the rain that you feel on your skin without getting wet with the bones. Most of my journey was someone beside me. Female. She was young, and I can remember the details of what she looked like. She had high cheekbones and dark blue eyes. Golden-brown tresses framing her beautiful face. When I first saw it, we went together on a complex patterned surface, which after a while I recognized the butterfly wing. Circling around us, millions of butterflies flying out of the woods and back out. It was a river of life and color, pour in the air. Women's clothes were simple, like a peasant, but her color, blue, blue and orange-peach - as bright as all that surrounds us. She looked at me with a look that, if you were under him at least five seconds, your whole life will be filled with meaning, regardless of what you have experienced. It was not a romantic look. It was not his friend. It was a sight beyond all this. Something higher, including all kinds of love, and at the same time, much more.

She spoke to me without words. Her words went through me like the wind, and I immediately realized that it was true. I knew it as well as the fact that the world around us is real. Her message consisted of three sentences, and if I had to translate them into the language of the earth, they would mean the following: "You always love and care for you, dear. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing that you could do wrong ».

Her words aroused in me a great sense of relief. Like I explained the rules of the game that I've played all my life, without understanding them. "We will show you many things, - continued the woman. - But then you come back ».

After that, I had only one question: where will come back? There was a warm breeze like what happens on a warm summer day. A lovely breeze. He changed everything, as if the world has begun to sound an octave higher, and acquired a higher vibration. Although I could speak, I started asking questions about the wind in silence: "Where am I? Who am I? Why am I here? "Every time I silently asked their questions, the answer came immediately in the form of an explosion of light, color, beauty and love flowing through me in waves. What is important, these explosions are not "stopped up" me and answered, but to avoid the word - I just took thought. Not so, as it does on Earth - a vague and abstract. These thoughts were hard and fast, hot as fire, and wet as water, and as soon as I received them, I instantly and easily understood concept in the realization that in his everyday life, I would have spent a few years.

I continued to move forward and found himself in front of the void, completely dark, infinite in size but incredibly soothing. Although black, it was filled with a light that seemed to come from the glowing ball that I felt close to him. He was like a translator between me and the outside world. The woman, with whom we walked on a butterfly's wing, led me with this ball.

I know how incredibly unusual and frankly it sounds. If someone, even a doctor, told me this story, I would be sure that he is in captivity of some errors. But what happened to me, it is not nonsense. It was as real as any event in my life - like your wedding day and the birth of my two sons. What happened to me, requires explanation. Modern physics tells us that the universe is one and undivided. Although we seem to live in a world of divisions and differences, physics tells us that every object and event in the universe are made of other objects and events. True separation does not exist. Before I lived through the experience, these ideas were abstractions. Today, they are a reality. The universe does not only unity, but - now I know it is - love. When I felt better, I tried to tell others about their experiences, but their response was polite disbelief. One of the few places where I have not encountered such a problem, was the church. Going there for the first time after the coma, I looked at everything with new eyes. The colors reminded me of stained glass sparkling beauty of the landscapes that I have seen in the upper world, and the body of the bass - the thoughts and emotions that I experienced there. And, most importantly, the image of Jesus, the fissile bread with his disciples, awakened in me the memory of the words that accompanied all my journey - that God loves me unconditionally.

Today, many believe that the spiritual truths have lost their strength and the path to the truth - it is a science, not faith. Prior to his experience and I think so too. But now I realize that this opinion was too simple. The fact that the materialistic view of our body and brain is doomed. His place will be a new perspective on the mind and body. To add this new picture of reality, it takes a long time. She was not able to finish, neither I nor my sons. Reality is too large enough for, complicated and mysterious.

But, in fact, it will show the universe evolves, and studying multidimensional until the last atom of God who cares for us as no parent about their child. I'm still a doctor and a man of science. But on a deeper level, I am very different from the man who once was, because I saw this new picture realnosti.I, you can believe me, every step of the work that will have to be done for us and our descendants, that is. "


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