Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner

They first met in 1950 at the premiere of the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Then Frank Sinatra was already a celebrity, in which thousands went crazy fans, he recorded songs and successfully acted in films. Ava Gardner was not inferior to him in popularity: it was the star of cinema and one of the most beautiful women in the world, which was called "the first brunette Hollywood».

I just lost my head. As if she told me something in a glass slipped ...

- I yelled Sinatra after his first meeting with Ava. And it was not surprising - everyone who ever met the green-eyed beauty, habits which looks more like a predatory cat, he immediately wanted to get her into bed.

Frank immediately liked Ave, it was nothing like the pathos Hollywood actors who she was so tired, but she was in no hurry to open all the cards - she wanted to receive expensive gifts and beautiful courtship and financial position Sinatra was far from the million, which was used to Gardner . Then she met producer and aviator Howard Hughes, who at the slightest request provided Ava at its disposal a private jet, gave luxurious decoration and all that her heart desires. Frank could not compete with the wealth Hughes, but the lack of money was not the biggest problem in their relationship - Sinatra was married with three children grew up.

Nancy Sinatra has long grown accustomed to her husband's affair, but this passion caused her strongest concerns. It was not that she was afraid of losing her husband, and that his passion for Ave more like insanity:

Frank was a sorry sight. He then shone like new dollar when it expresses a desire to have lunch with him, it looked like a beaten dog, claiming that Ava does not take him seriously.

But sooner or later, Ava was to fall before the onslaught of Frank, because in it she saw not just another hobby, and with whom she was ready to connect his life (after two divorces she knew exactly who she wants). Sinatra won it with his temperament - streamed in his veins Italian blood pushed him to the most insane actions, he was singing serenades under windows Ava palil pistol, just to get her attention, took her to their own concerts and boxing matches, fed it Italian food in cozy restaurants and watering whiskey, which she loved so much. Perhaps he was not rich, but in the art of seduction of women, he had a very rich experience. He even wrote a song for Ava, after writing that he left the studio in tears - so it was full of feelings.

They tried to hide from all around the year. Ava hiding from Hughes, who prudently kept to himself, and Frank - from his wife, who in any did not agree to give him a divorce, and both tried not to get caught the eye of journalists. But they almost succeeded - a trip with songs at a gig the night attracted everyone's attention and "unexpected" appearance of Ava Gardner live Sinatra called whistling and angry shouts against women, "which destroys the family home." Once Frank even with fists attacked the journalist, who wanted to make their joint photo, and a flurry of accusations of assault and battery and immorality he was not long in coming. Stress adversely affecting the voice of Sinatra and Ava at all took to the hospital with nervous exhaustion.

In order to somehow recover from the scandal, Gardner flew to his beloved Spain, did not even notice the departure of Sinatra. In the ears in love with Frank immediately thought the worst - he was thrown. Attempts to establish a relationship with Ava were in vain - to come to Spain, he found that passionately fond of bullfighting Gardner began an affair with toreodorom. Upon returning to the US Frank waited another blow - from the pages of American newspapers Ava looked at him, which was in the arms of another man. A few days later the singer was taken to hospital with an overdose of sleeping pills. Sinatra tried to justify supposedly drank a few extra pills, but guess what was the real reason - lost relationship with Gardner and the failure of the career field have played a role. Later, one of Sinatra's friends said that he had to pull out of the oven with the singer turned on full gas, and weeks later they found him in the elevator with cut veins. It was then Ava realized that she urgently needs to go back to America.

Frank finally got a divorce from his wife, and his happiness Gardner agreed to marry him. They even tried to legalize the relationship one day after the divorce, but they are on probation - a couple of months. These few months were not the happiest in their lives - just as temperamental lovers already in all swore and scandals. Sinatra clutched his rifle and threatened to shoot himself and his future wife, and Gardner in a fit of jealousy thrown out the window a wedding ring.

They married in 1951. As a wedding gift to her husband Ava presented the medallion with her photograph, and Frank gave his wife a mink stole a sapphire clasp. However, after the wedding, the family squabbles continued. Ava call everyone who approached her husband, a "dirty whore", and Frank was jealous of his wife, even to her friends, some of them thrown out of the house with scandal. Oil poured into the fire, and even the fact that the breadwinner was Ava - she earned more money, and it galled vanity Sinatra. But no matter what happens, they are very fond of each other. Love Sinatra was more like worship: in his office was a collection of her best pictures, he stared for a long time in the evenings. Once, during one of the fights, he broke one of my favorite shots, then crawling on the floor to collect the pieces and glue them.

Ava wanted children and a quiet family happiness, but neither one nor the other it did not manage to get. She became pregnant, but was not able to bear a child, the reason for that is partly of steel and family scandals.

Failures in Sinatra's career has also been the cause of quarrels and reflects on his health. Frank was trying to get a role in the movie "From Here to Eternity" (which eventually earned him the "Oscar"), but the producers considered him untalented, he refused without explanation. Ava could see that her man is tormented, and for the first time decided to use his high position in Hollywood - she called the producer and asked him to give Frank a role:

I implore you to give him the role. Otherwise, he would kill himself.

The first wedding anniversary they celebrated in Kenya, where Ava starred in the film "The Snows of Kilimanjaro." Frank gave his wife a luxury with a huge diamond ring, only paid purchase her own money. In response to the trick Gardner said:

I was married twice, but never for so long - a whole year!

Frank realizes that a woman who has turned his whole life, he will leave soon. And so it happened, as soon as he went to the shooting, "From Here to Eternity," Ava got himself another lover.

They have issued a divorce only in 1957 - five years, Frank attempted to return sweetheart and lived illusions. They sometimes met - several times the paparazzi managed to catch them in a small hotel or kissing at the exit from the restaurant, but it was already serious. Finally they parted only in the mid-60s, when Ava moved to live in London, suffering from deep depression. She was tired of everything from filming, from lush parties, from men, from Frank. She wanted to hide so that nobody could never find, and live "life balance" in peace, even though she was a little more than forty.

Sinatra decided to marry again - the actress Mia Farrow on. This blonde slim girl with short hair does not look like a tigress Ava, and she joked Gardner:

I always knew he would end up in bed with a boy!

A few days before the wedding, Frank rang Ave: "I still love you!", He said almost in a whisper into the phone.

Marriage Mia also proved unsuccessful, and Sinatra married for the fourth time - on the model Barbara Marx. With this woman at Siantry was a real harmony - it is not contradicted her husband and tried to obey him in everything.

Meanwhile, Ava seriously ill - alcohol and smoking are strongly affected her health, and in 1986 she suffered two heart attacks, after which her partially paralyzed. Only after learning about the incident, Frank immediately rushed to her. He bought her the most expensive drugs, organized for her visits to the best doctors, to whom she gets on a private plane ... and rocked her in his arms, whispering in her ear the most tender words that had no time to say during the years of their marriage. Finally, someone who, according to Ava, could only sing about love, gave her real love and care which she dreamed.

Ava Gardner died January 22, 1990 of pneumonia at the age of 67. In the twilight of her life, she admitted:

No one in my life, I did not like the way Frank.

After the death of Gardner, who, according to Sinatra, was the only woman he truly loved, he experienced a profound shock: his daughter found him on the floor of his room in tears and hysterics. At the funeral, Ava Gardner the crowd of people who came to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood for all its existence, followed by a black limousine. From it so no one went, but everyone knew exactly who it was.


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