The story about the price tags (6 photos)

His name was Frank Woolworth, a shy country lad who became a multimillionaire. It was he who came up with the price tag, display of goods with free access to customers, discounts for small groups of goods, sales and more. And the stores where used his ideas became known supermarkets.

Before Frank Woolworth price of goods in shops not mentioned. An experienced dealer "by eye" determined the solvency of the buyer and on this basis, called the price. The buyer, going to the store can only see items behind the seller, and selecting items, ask the price. If the price does not suit the buyer, or trading, or simply moved away from the counter, taking with them the money that would be left in the shop if ...

This invention is the price tag put an end to the dominance of sellers, turned the entire world trade. More than a hundred years the name Woolworth, which has become a household word, is not the name, but a certain type of shop where selling is not the seller to the buyer, and the buyer - to himself!

Frank Woolworth was born in the village and up to 21 years just working on the ground with their parents. Garden - the market for the purchase of necessary economic goods back garden ... At 21, he decided that this life is not for him, and fled to the small town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Lacking education and profession, I got a salesman in a small shop. The owner is constantly reproached Man in worthlessness and incompetent, and the silent shy Frank just sighed and blushed. He knew that the career of the seller - not his strong point. Answer customer questions about the price and quality of goods was for him a true meal. He is so shy visitors what had happened even nervous attacks, one of which almost cost him his life.

Master is simply enraged! He said that his patience snapped, and he gives one last chance ... this x th employee. The test was simple. Frank had to sell himself one day, and if the revenue is less than the normal day, the boss fires him.

Staying alone in the store, to entice buyers to show and to praise the goods traded, defending every cent. All of this Frank is not only loved, but frankly afraid!

The day Frank came into the store before the opening. He attached to all goods that are allowed to do discount paper with the lowest possible cost (prototype of the modern price tag). All unsold goods piled up in the warehouse, he put on a huge table, attach the plate with the inscription "All five cents." Table he placed near a window so that the goods, and the plate was visible from the street. He opened a shop. In the words of Frank "... I slipped into the store and ran behind the counter, shaking with fear, which is unusual," decoration "inside the store offend customers».

However, buyers are seeing the sign "All five cents," not offended. Moreover, all the stale product was sold out in a few hours! Buyers saw written on the product price is not traded, but just pointing the finger at the goods and gave the money. Revenue store one day a bit has not held up to a week! Flushed with success, Frank retired from the owner, took the money and opened his own shop. Debt he gave even faster than expected.

Appetite comes with eating. Frank opened another shop - in Philadelphia, after calculating the favorite route to stroll and renting a building there. This point of sale for over a year has allowed Frank to earn over a million dollars. All products available in the store were on the shelves, and each customer can touch and evaluate them without feeling the pressure of the seller. So more than a hundred years ago was born the American system of self-service. And the main feature of trade was the obligatory presence of a large group of products at one price - 5 cents. Many shops and Woolworth called Five Cent Market.


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