In Moscow, Ferrari broke the 350 million euros (5 photos)

Recently in Moscow broke Lamborghini.
On Saturday defeated Ferrari F450 Spider for 350 thousand euros.
The car moved on Kutuzov Avenue at a speed of 200 km / h. The driver lost control and the car rammed three foreign cars parked.
In the car were two 20-year-old young man. Both - the sons of the top managers of a major bank.
To the accident site immediately father came to Maserati.
Injuries received only passenger Ferrari. According to rescue young people rescued modern airbags, fully protect them from metal.
"It became clear that we cut out the wounded from supercar, only after the hydraulic unclamping could not pull the door completely, - says lifeguard. - I had to cut metal pieces to make the wounded, who was hospitalized after ».


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