Mind can not understand Russia

We do not always understand, but we love and believe in your stranu.Inogda we forget that we live in a unique country in which they live are amazing people. These are not empty words because each of us is faced with the kindness of those around us. A stranger can help in a difficult moment or discover the generosity that touches deeply. We live together in a beautiful country, which need to be protected in every way and preserve the beauty that it has.

< Website I believe that there are at least 30 reasons to love Russia and the wonderful people living around.

We have a sense of humor.

We can push nevpihuemoe.

We always look to both.

And calculate moves.

To fend off trouble if need be.

We are able to look at the situation from different angles.

And not lose even incomprehensible situation. © Frank Herfort

People in Russia are able to see the beauty in ordinary things. © Frank Herfort

And are able to enjoy the beauty.

Can unexpectedly take care of neighbors. © Frank Herfort

In emergency situations, do not lose self-control. © Frank Herfort

And are able to decorate your life. © Frank Herfort

Here, there is always a fairy tale. © Frank Herfort

A new technology can be found in unexpected locations. © Frank Herfort

Russians love tea and winter.

And quite a bit - auto-tuning.

If we want to - we will be able to work hard.

We are proud of our country, even in everyday life.

And very fond of sports.

Smiling stereotypes about us.

Sometimes referred to as the authorities without due reverence.

And find the most effective way of self-expression.

We also love to relax.

Even if the situation does not have.

As we always have a share of artistry.

And philosophical approach to life.

We are able to create comfort from scratch.

And to solve the problem in the most unexpected way.

At the same time lifting the mood around.

In general, we love to surprise and full of positivity.

Meanwhile, in Russia

Best Photos of Russia 2013

via www.adme.ru/festivali-i-konkursy/luchshie-fotografii-rossii-2013-611755/


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