A big hello from Russia! 24 hilarious frame, which prove that Russian mind does not understand.

Russians tend to believe that they - ordinary people with a soul open. But according to observations of foreigners who have lived for a long time in Russia and know the culture of the great Russian people firsthand in fine organization of the soul of these people.

Today the team of entertainment online magazine prepared an incredibly useful guide for foreign visitors who are going to visit for the first time in Russia and shtudiruet encyclopedias, tourist sites and other trash that at least learn something about the local culture. This hilarious 24 pictures that prove that many do not try and do not understand the Russian mind! It would be funny if it were not so sad ...

Ambulance for all those who suffer, who vigorously held last night.

very eloquent picture. We are all there ...

Sit down, my friend! Let's sit and talk heart to heart. B>

How ever, but the main thing - not like in America!

Severe residents gateway.

This, comrades, Russia! Here, everything through the fifth point. B>


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