30 new words to be included in dictionaries or die

Our language is constantly changing - it's alive. New words appear every day and it is important to pay attention to them. Some of them remain and take root, while others die.

Every day, the English born about fifteen words, and about half of them - a slang. He quickly reacts to all changes in all spheres of life and allows us to conclude the complex meanings in a concise and intelligible form.

  • Mikrovolnovochnoe thinking ( microwave mentality em>) - a philosophy of life: "If something can not be done in 5 minutes or less, it's not worth doing at all."
  • Generation XL ( Generation XL em>) - generation of McDonald's, a generation too thick children.
  • Vikiot strong > ( wikiot: Wiki + idiot em>) - one who believes that everything is written in Wikipedia - the truth.
  • Stressozaedatel ( Stress Eater i>) - a man who "jammed" issues - ie, under stress eat more than usual.
  • Sportbol ( sportsball em>) - an ironic name for any sport, whose name ends with -More.
  • Tolstozver ( fatimal: fat + animal em>) - a fat little animal - usually beefy home.
  • Eyes Panda ( panda eyes em>) - winner of the dark circles under the eyes, a walking embodiment of the phrase "I need to sleepĀ».
  • Holiday kilograms ( holiday pounds em>) - the extra weight that comes after the holiday or vacation.
  • Vseteist ( Alltheist em>) - a man who professes all religions at once - just in case.
  • Office hands ( office hands em>) - a very gentle, unaccustomed to work hands.
  • < Beer tears ( beer tears em>) - when, after a few glasses of beer you are flooded with a wave of sadness, self-pity, and you cry about everything that you can remember.
  • Academic Bulimia ( academic bulemia em>) - the absorption of knowledge before exams and the subsequent spilling of the professor on the corresponding subject.
  • Russian morning ( Russian Morning em>) - wake up the morning after a party where you drink only vodka.
  • Interactive coma ( Internet Coma em>) - sit on the couch with a laptop / other handheld device on your lap for hours, wandering around on the internet and not responding to the real world.
  • Intellectual masturbation ( intellectual masturbation em>) - philosophical arguments about different aspects of life that are pleasant, but do not give.
  • Kiberhondrik ( cyberchondriac em>) - an amateur seek out in online confirmation of the disease, which, in his opinion, he has; kind of a hypochondriac.
  • Computer face ( computer-face em>) - stare serious frowning face in the monitor, but actually there is not work, and the open Page FB or VC.
  • Betmenstvovat ( going batman em>) - to go have fun on the night after a long day.
  • < Olympic adoption ( Olympic Adoption em>) - When during the Olympics you are sick for another country (because its advocates sucks, for example).
  • Sekzortsizm ( sexercism em>) - to have sex with someone new to get distracted and forget someone old.
  • Lifts reflexes ( elevator reflex em>) - when every man, coming up to the elevator, presses the call button, no matter how many how many times it has clicked.
  • Anuskript (anuscript) - scenario of a porn movie.
  • Easy Like ( easy like em>) - a friendly person in the social network, which layknet everything you posted.
  • Feminatsi ( feminazi em>) - an offshoot of aggressive feminism. If the feminist struggle for equality, the feminatsi - is sexist towards men.
  • Actual Monday ( Effective Monday em>) - when the first day after the long weekend It falls not on Monday, and the next day. Feeling like on Monday, but worse.
  • Productive procrastination ( productive procrastination em>) - when, instead of what really needs to be done, you do another, but also useful work (housework, for example).
  • Instant tradition ( instant tradition em>) - any act or event which turned out so good, that you have decided to repeat it every year.
  • Office ghost ( Office ghost em>) - a cunning office worker, who is present in the workplace, but his duties performed Other.
  • Tekstpodderzhka ( Text Support em>) - When during an important event for you to send your friends encouraging sms. Pronounced as tech support.
  • Peredarok ( Re-gift em>) - a gift that you repackage and give to someone else. < /

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