Christmas kutia: 5 simple variations favorite dishes.

< Kutia - the traditional food, without which Christmas Buffet is considered defective. In different countries and regions and called this dish is prepared in their own way.

Certainly you also have your favorite, kuti proven recipe
How to cook kutyu

1. Kutia of wheat multivarkeIngredienty
1 tbsp. wheat 4-5 Art. water 3 hours. l. sugar salt (a pinch) Poppy honey nuts raisins

Rinse wheat, put in a bowl Multivarki. Add salt, sugar and water zaley. Put on "putting out" mode on 2, 5 hours. After Slay excess water. While preparing wheat, poppy zaley boiling water. Then you need to crush it in a mortar or a blender with the sugar. Pour boiling water over raisins and let stand for 10 minutes. In the finished wheat Add honey, poppy seeds pounded, chopped nuts and raisins.

2. Rice kutia with walnuts orehamiIngredienty
1 cup rice 100 g poppy 100 g walnuts 1-3 Art. l. honey Sugar (to taste)

Preparation Pour rice and a half cups of boiling water and tightly cover the pan with a lid. Vary it for 3 minutes on high heat, 6 - on average, 3 - on a small. After turn off the fire and another 15 minutes do not open the lid.

Mack zaley boiling water for half an hour. Then strain it and grind in the blender with the sugar until the poppy milk.

Add to the cooked rice poppy, crushed walnuts and honey. Mix well.

3. Kutia of perlovkiIngredienty
200 g pearl barley 150 g poppy 50 g peeled walnuts 50 g raisins honey and sugar (to taste) 1/2 cup cream

Prom Preparation pearl barley, zaley water (1: 3) and boil until tender . Then cool. Pour boiling water over poppy. Then drain and grind it with sugar. Raisins also need to pour boiling water for 15 minutes.

Mix barley cooked with poppy seeds, pounded nuts, raisins, honey and cream.

4. Kutia of rice with mindalemIngredienty
250 g rice 100 g almonds 100 g raisins cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar to taste

Preparation Prepare rice as the recipe number 2. scalded with boiling water soak almonds in water for half an hour, then grind, add sugar to taste. Mix up all this with the cold rice. Then put the washed and scalded raisins and cinnamon. Mix again.

5. Unusual kutia of yachmenyaIngredienty
1/2 Art. barley 6 tablespoons. water 3 tbsp. l. sugar 250 g frozen berries 1/2 Art. raisins 1 tbsp. pitted cherries compote

Preparation Leave barley in cold water for a whole night. Then in the same water over low heat boil barley at least an hour. Then add sugar, frozen berries, raisins and boil over low heat for half an hour. Add ottsezhenny cherries and boil 7-10 minutes. Serve chilled.

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