25 exercises to do any man happier.

1.Slushayte music. Music can influence the mood. Most listen to what you like.

2. Keep a journal. You can sometimes give off a bit of time trying to sort out their thoughts and express them on paper.

3. Rejoice in the successes of others. Celebrating the success of others is sometimes nicer than celebrating their own achievements.

4. Laugh. Make sure that every day you find a bit of time in order to laugh.

5. Forgive yourself. Each person tends to feel for anything guilt. Try to forgive yourself.

6. admired. Make sure that the every day you do that brings you pleasure.

7. Take a break. Allow yourself a few moments to relax from the hectic pace of life and simply be.

8. Spend time in nature. It does not matter whether it's a walk in the woods or just to smell a flower, take the time to connect with nature.

9. Treat yourself. Do something for yourself, just because you deserve it.

10. Be spontaneous. Allow yourself sometimes act on a whim, just because you feel so.

11. Watch the sunset. Sunset - One of the most beautiful sights.

12. Spend time with children. Children's carefree attitude and zest for life will spread to you.

13. Take creativity. Try to draw a picture or write a story, no matter what it is it will be important for you to express yourself.

14. Play. Take your favorite game, it's sure to raise nastoenie.

15. Ask for help. If you need help, ask for it and you get it kindly.

16. Dream. Immerse yourself in your imagination, do not be afraid to dream and fantasize.

17. hugs. Physical contact only reinforces the connection we feel with others.

18. Breathe deeply. Deep breathing relaxes the body and calms the mind.

19. Take a bath. Take time to relax and take a warm bath.

20. Spin in a happy environment. Your environment affects how you feel, so make sure you are in a happy environment.

21.Posadite tree. Landscaping - a great way to get closer to nature and reason to work physically.

22. nostalgic. Think of the most pleasant moments of your life, and you have good emotions flooding back again.

23. Look forward to peace. Every moment on earth someone falls in love, a new life, to meet the desires.

24. Complete unfinished. Make that long delayed.

25. Decide to be happy. You just want to be happy.


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