20 ways to become happier in just half a minute

Sometimes, in order to become happier, you need only to want. Scientists conducted an experiment in which volunteers were asked for a week just to try to feel happy. And it happened - participants noted that their mood improved. And even better to back up the case and the intention to do something that almost instantly give a feeling of happiness and fullness of life.

We are in the Website have collected for you a great way to work -. Proven science

Remember the three good things that happened to you today Not necessarily large. events such as the salary increase twice. Let it be pleasant things that make up the day: you have prepared vkusnyuschy breakfast or play with a child, in spite of the desire to be filled up on the bed and read. It is better to write them down in a diary. This helps to enjoy the little things, imperceptibly changing their attitude towards life. < Buy colleagues apples, put them on the table and do not say to you - they may eat and enjoy. Scientists have proved, when we spend money on others, we become happier. Yes, let's better than taking. < Take a trifle stranger, who suddenly did not have enough money on hand , to pay for the purchase. Why does it make you happier? See item 2. And you get a sincere thanks to the person you have helped, and that's priceless. < Drink coffee with chocolate cookies

Several times CORRECT breath. Many people, without even noticing, breathing shallow breathing, when the breast only slightly raised, while the belly is not involved at all. But this breathing tend to stress and the brain turns on the reverse reaction - we're going even more depressed. As recommended by scientists from Harvard Medical School, and take a few deep slow breaths - so relaxed belly bulges slightly on inspiration (it is very important to use the diaphragm), and the chest expands. You will feel as soon as releases stress, comes peace, and even around the world becomes brighter. And forget this stupid generally involve the stomach for the most do not want to - because we care about the external beauty to the detriment of health and happiness. < Slowly turning his head from side to side, look around you. Pay attention to the color and surface on people and plants near you. It is not necessary to assess, just watch. This will help to feel here and now, and less hung up on her own thoughts. < hear the birds singing, stop and look for it in the foliage. When going through the park, watch the businesslike ant, tear a leaf from a tree and examine its structure, feed birds or will be scratched behind the ear kitten. Observation of animals and plants, the closeness to nature makes us happy. Long to explain exactly how it works, but it's a proven fact.

Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass , or on the sand in a park. Yes, even on the warm asphalt. Pleasant tactile sensations cheer up in a jiffy. < Sit up straight. Watch your posture. Scientists say that the one who stoops, feels worse, suffer from a low self-esteem and self-doubt. < See photos from the holidays. Psychologists advise to keep on your desktop or in your phone photo of your family, where you are happy and together relaxing on holiday or outdoors. Half a minute admiring the photo - and the stress and the pressure is reduced. < Just smile. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds: we are happier when we smile. Scientists have found that a smile, even if artificial, triggers the production of hormones responsible for the state of happiness. By the way, no one bothers you to think at this point about the good things you have in your life. So smile become artificial in most that neither is sincere. < Give someone a small gift. Just like that, for no reason

striding. Happy people well paced, and it's not a metaphor. As in the case of a smile, it sets off a chain reaction in the brain. The freer we go, the happier we are, as paradoxical as it may sound. Try to walk with small shuffling steps, staring at his feet. You feel happy? That's it. < Call or email to a friend, think about that for a long time, but never thinking to call . It "is all that you need - is to talk with friends." And this is not the scientists, this is one of the rules of the Moomins, which has never not let anyone down. < Make massage the ears. Massage in general has a really magical powers and cancels most difficult attitude at times. But yourself a full massage, we can not do, but it is able to stretch your ears for half a minute. This will not only lift your spirits, but cheer up, make sharper and clearer thinking. First, pull the ears down, up and to the side, sending them back a little, make a circular motion. And then vigorously rub the ears, starting with the top part of the shell and ending lobe. < Take out of the closet, and a nice cup of tea and make yourself a coffee in it
And if for some reason does not work, it is the latter method, the control - a hug someone tightly. At this time, the best of well-known person.

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