9 rules that are in the life of happy people

Happiness is not such an unattainable phenomenon, as we often think, and find it can be quite simple.

The website knows exactly what kind of habits people have, which they get from life the pleasure, and hastens to tell his readers.

1. Happy people have strong relationships with others Researchers have shown that age more than 70 years, the most happy is the people that during the life of valued relationships with family and did everything possible to support them.

2. They value time more than money In a survey it was found that most happy people would prefer to have more time than money. This only confirms the fact that the people for whom time is more important than any material wealth get maximum pleasure from life.

3. Plan on spending and live opportunities, the Inability to pay the necessary bills is a stressful situation for any person. Therefore, the researchers recommend to realistically assess his income and not to buy things that you cannot yet afford.

4. Happy people are able to notice the beauty around, the Researchers note that people who often pay attention to all the pleasant things that happen with them, or simply notice the beautiful things around, other more satisfied with their lives and happier from it.

5. Spend a lot of time with friends Time spent with friends, makes any person much happier. A special treat we get in the company of the closest people who consider themselves lucky: their sense of joy and lightness quickly transferred to all those in their close environment.

6. Take care of their loved ones and often encouraging their Psychologists note that people who most often exhibit spontaneous acts of kindness are much happier than those who don't.

7. Spend money on experiences rather than on material things There is such a tendency that people become much happier if you often spend money on emotion. Although the purchase of desired things makes people happier, the feeling of euphoria from the acquisition of things takes much less than the joy experienced unforgettable journeys or other experiences.

8. Happy people exercise regularly Proven that exercise helps to deal with psychological problems and to cope with stressful situations. In addition, studies have also shown that physical activity is directly related to happiness.

9. Learning to be present here and now Some studies have shown that people who practice meditation mindfulness and know how to appreciate every moment of life much happier than the others.

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