10 wise decisions, how to become happy

Ten easy solutions that will help you gain more happiness and learn how to become happier

"The extent to which you're happy depends on how much freedom in your heart.»
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Who does not want to be happy? Remember any time of your life. Do, what you did was not done with the intention of becoming happier?

By happiness I mean no life on the principle of Pollyanna (perception extremely positive messages) a la stupid-smile-on-your-face. I mean a deep sense of peace, the ability to remain calm in spite of everything, the subconscious belief that everything is just fine.

Somehow, happiness eludes us. And here's why. Even if we aspire to it more than to anything else, our actions knock us off course. We do fill your life stress themselves distort their perception of the outside world, plunging himself into an emotional turmoil. In doing so, we ourselves deprive ourselves of the ability to be happy.

Happiness is available for everybody. It is closer than you can imagine - it is your very essence. How to find happiness? Examine your thoughts and emotions. To find out what makes you unhappy, you are sure steps toward his happiness.

Here are ten simple solutions that will help you gain more happiness and learn how to become happier. To do this:

1. Be responsible
Do not blame others, exposing himself as a victim, and waiting for someone to come and save you. If you want to be happier, take the bull by the horns. Get ready to find out how confident you are moving to the happiness.

2. Embody wildest imagination
Be firm, open, brave and modest. With the honor of hosting mistakes and get ready for a real inner change. Never bury your goals and aspirations.

3. Clear the unnecessary baggage of memories
Nothing destroys our happiness faster than the old wounds of resentment and discontent. If you spend your precious time thinking about unpleasant stories from the past, it's time you know that you are exposed to more than anyone else. Wrap all this pain into a huge cocoon of love and move on with clarity and elegance.

4. Give full attention to your inner world
One reason for the lack of happiness is a habit that prevent live. Identify them, focus on them, to understand how they work. With this new knowledge, and take a more robust life-affirming decisions.

5. revise their outlook on life
We unconsciously build their lives around the distorted beliefs and expectations. Explore every thought under the microscope to see how it really is true. Undoubtedly, you will find that all your life you go through a veil of confusion and restrictions. Get ready to move away from those habitual and favorite opinions and look at all fresh look nezamylennym.

6. Appreciate life
Happiness here, the present time - not in the past, not in the future. Relax. Do not strain, take all this as it is. Enjoy the feelings, rejoice everything that happens in everyday life.

7. Understand your feelings
Life becomes heavy and cumbersome, difficult when we give in to emotions. Treated this emotional pain only interest and attention. Stop telling yourself stories feed off your emotions. It is better to open yourself to the feelings and sensations. Take them that there was no need to get rid of them. And then they will lose their power over you. The clouds parted to reveal to you the happiness that you have been looking for all this time.

8. To live from the heart
Get rid of every thought, emotions and habits that are no longer needed you. And what remains? Love! Let love fill your conversations, actions and attitude toward himself. Constantly ask yourself, "What I really love to do?" And doing it. Enjoy a delicious sensation of fullness and openness of your heart.

9. free from fear
Fear is another killer of happiness. Learn to understand when fear drives your decisions and take the opposite decision. Look into the eyes of his fear and type of courage to do what you really want.

10. Allow happiness fill our lives
At any time, it seems to us a great opportunity to be happy. If you do not believe me, just look at your own experience. Remembering and carefully studied every crucial moment of your life, you realize that the choice is always available. You can exhaust itself or remain in peace, to criticize yourself or love to bend under stress or breathe deeply, take a bad habit or get rid of it.

Being in harmony with its past, it is impossible not to be happy. Nothing will stand in your way. Enough to look at the world through the mist disturbed beliefs and dramatic stories, which deprives us of the opportunity to consciously choose the happy life - here and now. Happiness is here, it is very close, do you not feel it?

Now you know what you need to add the happiness in your life and how to become happier. Take these ten simple and wise vescheё and you will discover endless happiness.

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10 Wise Choices to Skyrocket Your Happiness


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