5 things that should be learned from children

If it took me to describe my world in one sentence, it would have sounded like: the pursuit of my baby. I'm ready to see my daughter with tousled blond hair anywhere, dashing rushing through the living room, resting before the next races, trying to climb up the hill

If it took me to describe my world in one sentence, it would have sounded like: the pursuit of my baby. I'm ready to see my daughter with tousled blond hair anywhere, dashing rushing through the living room, resting before the next races, trying to climb up the hill (it's much more interesting than going down). At my old job, I was forced to attend meetings and carry out most of the day looking at the monitor of your computer. Now I consider myself very lucky if you suddenly managed to sit down to rest for ten minutes before my girl again, forcing me to run after her, trying to catch her.

I had not ever bring up the child, and taking into account the peculiarities of his character, I decided to read it. All the books on how to raise kids talk primarily about what we have to teach them, to play with others, learn to talk, potty. These books contain a lot of useful information about parenting, but none of them are not discussed things that parents can learn from their children. I have received from my daughter almost more useful knowledge than she from me. So, here are some tips for those whose fascinating adventure has only just begun:

1. All you need to question
Kids do not take it for granted. They do not understand why you need to eat your peas, instead of shoving it in your hair. More seriously, they do not understand that running down the street is dangerous to life, so they can to throw in an unpredictable direction at any moment. And if at some point, you forbade them to do what they want, you will hear this terrible word "why».

But the question "why" is actually very useful. They show curiosity and thirst for knowledge of the world. More importantly, they force us to evaluate every decision. Kids do not like to follow rules that are not justified and are not supported by the answers to the question "why", and adults should learn from them that. So put into question everything that bothers you. I do not like the answer? Let me decide, and decide the child in your soul. You'll feel better in the long run, if will always ask "why».

2. Everything can be learned, it is only necessary to practice
It's amazing how a little can make a child soon after birth. It almost does not see or hear. Many children even first reflex is not as well developed as that in the first days of life, they even eat with difficulty. Watching as the child grows, you can endlessly wonder how he learns to move and to cope with a variety of subjects and with his own body. It lasts for several years. The ability to make informed decisions comes much later. (Many parents of teenagers can say that this moment never arrives). How do we learn all this? Repeat this every day for many years.

So, as an adult, wanting to learn what you need to be patient and take the time to learn to learn something new. Toddlers develop repeating the same action over and over again, just so they gradually turn into a workshop walkers and talkers. Do not get me wrong - kids exceptionally resistant. My daughter can cry when she comes across a box, which she wants to, and can not be opened. But she is working very diligently on this until the end does not open the box (Usually this is followed by my deep breath and I'm in a state of frustration going for a broom).

3. Destruction provides new opportunities
Before my daughter was born, I saw the world as a place where I can create. I could establish links and make your career. I could turn on the computer and write a story. In this world, there are a myriad of opportunities, I can create and build it whatever I want.

Kids also love to create, but the destruction they are much more fun. I fold cubes, daughter scatters them. At first it is very frustrating adults, especially if a child breaks something which you are very expensive. But the destruction gives new opportunities. For example, if your child is painted wall marker, you have a good reason to paint it completely in some sort of bright, cheerful colors, instead of the boring beige. Let me give another example, more understandable for adults. Suppose you built a career good accountant, and themselves would like to be a carpenter. Throwing old quarry, you open to a new perspective, a new job and will give you much more than attempts to develop on the old field. Sometimes the destruction brings more joy than making if realize what prospects can give this destruction.

4. Go outside as often as you can
Street - a magical place for a kid. It does not matter how many toys, books and other interesting things there in the room, they can take it no more than half an hour (and then only if you are very lucky). Then, have a listen unhappy crying baby, or quickly look for him a new game. But this rule ceases to act when a child is in the open air. Recently, on the weekend, we went to the beach, and my daughter had no problem to entertain for almost four hours.

As a student, I used to spend a lot of time outdoors, but when the adult life, I was not so "right." Now I feel so much healthier because I spend a lot of time on the street with her daughter. Even just sitting on the porch in the outdoors is very relaxing and exciting at the same time. It relaxes because it gives a break from household noise, and ringtones from your computer. It's exciting because it could happen a lot going on: you are communicating with the neighbors, a helicopter flies over your head or a large butterfly catches the eye. Now, I appreciate the fresh air as much as proper nutrition and exercise.

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5. Love as if tomorrow will not
Kids do not hold back his emotions. And it is our duty as parents to teach them to manage their emotions so that they can live a normal life. But when it comes to love, there is no doubt the kids are right. They do not doubt when they have a desire to hug or kiss you, even if you tear off while some of the case. Kiss my daughter is the best gift I've ever received. It can do so at any time, and it is always accompanied by the most sincere smile. The feelings that I have is it is impossible to describe in words.

And what you have learned with your baby?


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