KAYLATES: 14 minutes a day and buttocks becomes an ideal

1. Squats (3 min). Feet shoulder width apart, the emphasis on the heels, back straight. Slowly sit down on 4 counts also slowly rise. Perform without stopping for a minute. Then stay in the squat for half a minute, without getting up, perform pulse springy motion even half a minute. Legs spread wide and perform the same movement for one more minute.

2. Side impact (2 min). Stand on all fours, take one straight leg to the side at hip level and make it move forward, towards the head, as far as possible to stay on for 10 seconds. Make the same movement backwards. Perform for 2 minutes on each leg.

3. Lunges (3 min). Step right foot forward and bend it. Left straight, laid back. Torso upright. Hands on hips. Slowly, 4 bills, lower your left knee to the floor. Also slowly return to its original position. Right knee at the same time does not move forward. Perform 2 minutes. Then bend the left leg halfway down and hold for half a minute. Another half a minute to perform pulse springy movement. Repeat the same thing with the left foot forward

4. The Board (1 min). Stand hands on the floor. Hands are extended and the body creates a single line. Stay in this position, strongly plunging stomach.


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