MASKS hair density

Healthy and well-groomed hair is always beautiful and fashionable. But not always, our hair meet our requirements. That's why I suggest you some tips for hair care, and in particular to bring their density.
1. Ingredients: honey (2-3 tablespoons), yeast (2 tsp) and yogurt (100 ml).
Preparation: Yeast pour milk and wait about an hour until they fit. Add the remaining ingredients and applied to the entire length of the hair thoroughly rubbing into the scalp. Insulated by means of polyethylene and towels and wait another hour. Wash off with herbal decoction or vinegar. Volume and shine provided.

2. Composition: pine nuts.
Preparation: crush raw nuts and add water until a homogeneous slurry. In ceramic ware put in the oven, preheated to 150 degrees for about 30 minutes The resulting lotion rubbed into the skin every day for two weeks. Metal utensils when preparing such milk is not allowed.

3. Composition: raw eggs.
Preparation: separate the yolks from the whites. Whisk broom and proteins applied to the hair. Insulated and wait for about an hour. Wash off !!! WARM !!!, in any case, not hot water, as the protein can cook.


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