A set of exercises from Tracy Anderson for elaboration of each group of your muscles

Building muscle according to the method of Tracy Anderson consists of three successive groups of exercises. For best results, each group of exercises you must do for ten days.


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Metamorphosis Tracy Anderson! Number of repetitions

In the first day of class, when you start building the relief of muscle according to the method of Tracy Anderson, I want you to repeat each exercise 20 times. It's okay if you can't do twenty repetitions. You continue working on yourself and in the future will be for these limits. I want you forced yourself to work for the result, but I don't need you injured.

Keep the balance, and the result will not wait! If you feel that your muscles "burn" after ten repetitions, do not be too persistent and gradually move on. Keep it up, keep it up! Look, what result do you can get.

If you can do twenty repetitions on the first day of class, I want you for a long time preserved the same spirit and purpose.

Tomorrow will be 25 reps. Day after tomorrow – 30. Ultimately, I want you peaked at 60 repetitions for each exercise. If you can do 60 reps for three consecutive days, feel free to add weights weight on the ankle. This step should be done if you are in a good form and a steady pace will be able to do all of the above number of repetitions without a break. When you exercise with weights stop at 40 reps, because I don't want to see you tired and exhausted workouts. Don't forget about balance!

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Do the right (and left).

Make sure that you approach the exercise on the left side. When you work with your hands, it is best to just make the entire sequence of exercises to the right and then jump to the left side. This will allow a better work out each muscle group, and you will quickly see the result.

Metamorphosis Tracy Anderson. Group exercise 1: Days 1-10

Welcome to the first ten-day program for the study of each group of your muscles. The first ten days you will work with your body to a result to achieve mechanically repeat. You have a difficult and complex job to work out the large muscles, which are supporting muscles. On them we will focus our attention.

Repetition aims to awaken the supporting muscles after excited exercises the core muscles will get exhausted. Be prepared: in the first two days of the exercises from group 1, you may feel a slight discomfort. This is not a pain that is localized in one place. You won't complain that you have aching hands or say, "I really feel your abs". It will simply be a General feeling of fatigue. Exercises you work the muscle fibers, and method Tracy, this is quite different from building muscle.

You will feel a different sensation. You will experience pain throughout the body. As soon as it will take a couple of days, you'll be wanting the same feeling – the pleasant pain of working muscles. I know it sounds silly, but it's true.

After three day your body's reaction to pain will lessen, and you will want more. At this time comes a dependence on exercise, and you will see the first results. After 10 days you'll be able to make any number of repetitions, which I will indicate. Now your body is ready for the next step.


For 5-7 minutes, do stretching exercises, and then proceed to performing the basic exercises.

Movement 1: pan and Tilt shot. Keep your balance by performing this exercise. Find points of support.

Starting position: lean your hands and knees on the floor. Hands are in front of you, shoulders straight.

Technique: shift your weight on hands and lift your right leg back, pull the sock to form a straight line. Pull your knee toward your chest. Your opposite bent knee leg is at a right angle.

Tip: pull the leg back and up, setting the stage for himself, and then pull knee to shoulder. Repeat for the other leg after basic approaches.

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Slide the fulcrum: pull your muscles. This movement will make them more flexible. When you bend forward, you stretch the large muscle groups. Lower your leg to the starting position and move the weight on the hands. When I do that, I feel tension in the right thigh. Then slide the leg back. Feel got your extra muscle.

Movement 2: Up-down hip from himself towards

This exercise keeps your muscles toned thighs that will give you a perfect result.

Starting position: begin kneeling, with your hands the way to the floor. Move your right leg sideways, straight to her. The knee and foot turned from himself.

Technique: raise your right leg out to the side until you reach the height of two inches above the hip. When you raise the leg, you move it to the right, while you feel like working your gluteal muscles.

Tip: do the exercise up and down. You are not allowed to touch feet of the earth. You should always keep it. If not, then just tap your toe to the ground and continue the exercise. Feel like working your gluteal muscles.

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Movement 3: "the Frog": the raised crossed legs

You can work this exercise in two ways: most importantly — have fun!

Starting position: lie on your left side, supporting himself with his left hand. Put right hand on right hip

Technique: cross your legs back, feeling the stretch muscles. Ankle to rotate in the direction of the buttocks. Thus, your right knee pointing up and the left down. Once your feet are maximally tighten the buttocks, bend them back to position "frog", when crossed ankles. Finish the exercise by stretching the knees apart.

Twenty five million two hundred seventy three thousand seven hundred thirty nine

Forty six million forty four thousand three hundred fifteen

Fifty seven million four hundred fifty two thousand seven hundred six

Sixty one million six hundred ninety eight thousand five hundred fifty

Tip: your goal is to keep my thighs together. Make sure that you are completely in control of movement. Stretch all the muscles in your legs and try to rotate the right leg inward, keeping hips straight.published 



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