365 days of your NEW life.

Tomorrow is the first page of the 365 pages of a new book. Write it well.

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For the New year it is customary to prepare thoroughly. All shop, choose gifts for friends and relatives, buying the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. But, you know, I have never heard of the tradition of New year people gave the gift of himself. But prepare yourself for the New year without a gift is difficult. So, you care about everybody except myself. I believe that the New year is necessary to meet adequately.

Treat yourself to the most useful and necessary gift, a good mood for the whole next year.

A little background

I used as my closest friends gave a gift, which is called "365 days of your new life." From my side it was a slightly selfish gift because I wanted the person I give to him, remember me every day until his next birthday. And it worked! What was the meaning of the gift?

I wrote 365 wishes, actions or advice. Put all these wishes in a jar and given to the birthday boy. He also had every day to pull out one piece of paper with a wish and be sure to do what was written there. Or just be happy and smile, if on the paper I wanted good day.

Many of this gift loved it, and every day they waited eagerly to get a piece from the jar and do something new! Throughout the years I have enriched and adorned the lives of their friends. Note that especially my friends loved when the leaves were any steps: go to the movies, buy yourself flowers, have a fish, etc. So, my advice and suggestions every day stimulated friends or to enjoy every day, or to occupy themselves with something useful and interesting.

After I gave this little gift to all my friends, I was a little sad that I won't be able to please anyone. And then came up with a brilliant idea: "But you can please yourself! And in addition to tell other people, and they in turn will pass the idea to their relatives!"

Not shelving them, I started preparing. Write down all the that I would like to try in the new year, as well as quotes and words that I was inspired and motivated. Perhaps even questions that would have made during the year to stop and think, that's the direction I'm moving. Then I created a table, drove there all 365 wishes and printed them out. It looked like this:

Anyone who thinks that 365 wishes, advice or action — is a lot, want to argue. I've done probably 10-15 of these gifts, and every time I recommend something new. The flow of ideas are just endless. But for those who is quite difficult to come up with something or you just don't have time for this, I give you your 365 wishes, so you can download it and draw from my advice. I do not mind!

After I printed everything I found a small jar (it can be a vase, casket, or box) into which I put all my wishes. And from January 1, began to pull one and run.

For me, this gift plays a big role. It is a daily call to any action. After all, smile is also about action! And we sometimes forget even about it.


You will be inetersno:

Want to be happy? Off the Internetnew year's resolutions

After the holidays we feel a bit lost. Again work, again, some cases, a homicide and it seems to be nothing new. But this is not about me. In my Arsenal, and 365 cases and ideas for each new day in the new year.

Happy New year to you, and may every day be a holiday! published


Author: Alexander Matveev


Source: interesno.co/myself/611cd474f321


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