ROC continues to surprise

If you still believe in the disinterestedness of the ROC, I advise you to read further and look at the photographs taken of David in the desert by Chekhov.

We go around the temple, and what we see there, two graves lads (more will be clear why the criminals). Honestly I have never seen anywhere else: the first grave, which is bordered with distinction in the Battle of Borodino General Dmitry Dokhturov. Dmitry was wounded several times, that is the glory and pride of the burial place earned by shedding their blood for their country:

Second Genady "Big" Nedoseka. Burnt in his armored Hummer.
Even before the election of the head of the Chekhov district near Moscow Nedoseka he has been involved in high-profile criminal case of the massacre of a band of brothers Korchagins. It happened the evening of 21 March 1996 in the cafe-bar "Grotto" on the outskirts of Chekhov. According to police, this institution was to be held meeting of leaders of the so-called Korchagin group competitors - "gang" Big Genes (just under a pseudonym in the materials of the Ministry of Interior appeared Nedoseka). However, the bar suddenly broke armed men in camouflage uniforms. Ten "Korchagintsev" thrown into the truck "ZIL" and taken to an unknown destination. Three of them will soon appear in the city - beaten to death and intimidated, while the rest found in 4 years - under a meter of concrete in a garage not far from Chekhov. To prove the involvement Nedosekov (by this time he had already become head of the district) to violence over the competition investigation failed due to lack of evidence, but the deceased was in the database of the Office for Combating Organized Crime of Moscow region as the leader of organized crime groups controlling the "extraction of aggregates in the Serpukhov and Chekhov district, Central Market Chekhov and various businesses in the Chekhov district. "

And next: Anton Malevsky. Russian businessman, Russian aluminum king, the leader of the Izmailovo OPG. Born in Moscow. In 1993, against a criminal case on the fact of possession of weapons, and then he moved to Israel. He was engaged in charity work and restored the Holy Ascension Monastery. Killed in South Africa as a result of a failed parachute jump

One blogerr proiskhodyaschin also was angered because the priest rode side by side on the Segway. When he saw that the priest is removed, the father was not too lazy to rush to him and with his Padawan tried to convey to him the idea that de categorically Is strictly forbidden to remove and personally too. Without permission and blessings.

An interesting point, the last burial lads datiruetsya 2004 and in 2005 was as follows: in the village of New Life in the cell of the Monastery David deserts with his hands and a brain injury was found dead the abbot of the monastery, Archimandrite German (Khapugin), which allowed the burial. Not really speaking surname. Killed and made safe with all the money. So something like this.




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