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The population of Russia - about 142 million people. Of these, the vast majority live in areas with very unfavorable or severe climatic conditions. The possibility at least once a year to get out to the warm sea for them - is critical. The length of the Black Sea coast of Russia - at least 400 km. Of these, only about 150 km. relatively suitable for recreation. Everything else - or uncomfortable (swamps, estuaries, industrial zone, port and w / d facilities, etc.), or places without resort infrastructure. Thus, for each kilometer Black Sea coast, suitable for recreation year claimed about a million Russians.

Everyone who knows and loves our Black Sea coast in the area of ​​Gelendzhik, now experiencing a shock. And he called not only local prices traditionally distant from common sense, and antediluvian level of service - it was the main cause of the actual deprivation of holidaymakers access to familiar and historically recreational areas and routes.

Here are the most popular 8-kilometer route Gelendzhik-Divnomorskoe. The route of an exceptional beauty and health benefits for people of any age, from the southern outskirts of Gelendzhik on the forest road along the sea to the village Divnomorskoe.

So it was still some two years ago. Now this route no longer exists. The reason is simple: 350 (!) Hectares of the coastal pine forest between Gelendzhik and Divnomorskoe give power to someone else's private property together with all the hiking trails are passing, surrounded by three-meter steel fence and patrolled by paramilitary guards with dogs.


Here's another route even more popular - 7 kilometers from Divnomorskoe in Dzhanhot along the picturesque Old dzhanhotskoy serpentine road.


More recently, to go on the road could without any difficulty. Now, having passed through it about two hundred meters, tourists run into a concrete fence and steel gate with the inscription "Login denied! The territory is guarded by dogs! ", And the fence find novёhonky five-storey mansion with a park, a swimming pool and a personal dock.


All questions to his guards, on what basis is tightly blocked roads used by visitors and the local population has been more than 130 years, ending urgent "recommendation" to go around. Some of this "recommendation" should be, that is, overcoming a protracted rise and are on the road sverhozhivlёnnoy Divnomorskoe-Praskoveevka on which forced to "cut" more two kilometers, inhaling exhaust fumes, and every second risking his life and the lives of their children.


It was only an hour later, tired and too nervous, they did get to the Old dzhanhotskuyu road, cursing, and the owner of the mansion, shamelessly seized its crux, and power, this seizure authorized. Most return to a narrow concrete embankment on all sides clamped fences and "entertainers" institutions, and to promise to go here for ever and ever. These curses, by the way, is now joined by the curse of the local population, who lost access to traditional township cemetery.

The same situation exists around Praskoveevka beloved by many, located next door to Dzhanhot: where would neither directed his steps and leisure travelers alike, they stumble around in the endless fences enclosing yesterday public forests and the coast.


But even if we move away from the coast and try to look for tourist happiness in the valleys and on the slopes, then there almost daily found such "surprises". As aptly remarked one local ecology, there is a feeling that Gelendzhik district attacked a flock of predatory piranhas, and then pulls out his unique natural organism the most attractive and vital "pieces».

The activists of the public movement "Public Beach" tried to find out who these predators are and why they behave so brazenly, defiantly violating the legitimate rights and interests of millions of our fellow citizens and, indeed, the future of the civilized depriving one of the most promising Russian resorts.

For a start, we decided to obtain from the government a clear answer to the question, by whom, for what purpose and on what legal basis are fenced and controlled paramilitary guard hundreds of hectares of coastal relict forest, located between the city-resort of Gelendzhik and villages Divnomorskoe?

To this end, in March 2010 we were sent appeals to the President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Administration of the Prime Minister proudly ignored our appeal. Administration of the President, on the contrary, it promptly considered and sent the order to the governor of Krasnodar region with the requirement to understand the problem substantially.

The responses № 44-648 / 10-01.19 and from 06.04.10 № 44-1161 / 10-01.19 on 08.06.2010 the Department of complex development of resorts and tourism of Krasnodar region informed us, in particular the following (quote):

"On the instructions received from the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Krasnodar region administration considered your appeal for the establishment of fences on the territory of the forest between the town and Gelendzhik. Divnomorskoe. In order to establish the facts stated in the appeal, Department staff together with representatives of the administration of Gelendzhik made a visual inspection of the coastal territory and established the presence of Fencing in the territory of the forest. This land belongs to the forest lands of the Russian Federation ...

You specified forest area between the town and Gelendzhik. Divnomorskoe rented entity. The leased land is really enclosed metal fence at the entrance to the site set a barrier. Free access to the forest area is not possible. Gelendzhik forestry act was drawn up and issued a determination to the lessee to eliminate these violations of the forest legislation. Due to the fact that the violations are not eliminated, the administration of the municipal formation Gelendzhik resort city sent an appeal in the Azov-Black Sea interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office on this issue ... »

Answer authorities have caused mixed feelings. On the one hand, he inspired a certain optimism, as officially stated the illegality of public forest guards and informed about very specific steps the administration of Gelendzhik to restore order. On the other hand, we are extremely alarmed by the fact that, officially naming the area between Gelendzhik and Divnomorskoe "lands of the forest fund of the Russian Federation", the officials did not mention that these lands also have the official status of a particularly valuable (by virtue of being here Red ribbon's unique boron Pitsunda pine) natural area with the corresponding environmental regime. We are extremely worried also that remained unanswered and a number of other important issues. Namely:

Why particularly valuable tape boron Pitsunda pine, being the hallmark of the All-Russian resort city of Gelendzhik and its most important recreational and tourist resource, has been given a long-term (49 years, renewable!) Rent certain legal entities, with given "quietly" privately without any information and taking into account the views of the public (ie, a flagrant violation of Article 1 of claim 7 Section 1 of the Forest Code of the Russian Federation)?

Who is this mysterious tenant, so easy and almost for nothing to get at your full disposal of hundreds (!) Hectares of truly golden coast resort, and why, even in official correspondence officials persistently protect his anonymity? Or is he so secretive that his "names, passwords, secret" Russian people do not necessarily know?

What exactly he is engaged in a particularly valuable relic forest, if your rental operation began with a hard obstruction free access of citizens to the state forest land (ie a flagrant violation of claim 1, 6, 8, Article 11 of the Forestry Code of the Russian Federation)?

As the course of further developments, our optimism was premature, and anxiety - well-founded. Despite all the "acts", "regulations" and "appeal to the prosecutor's office" by the municipal government, arbitrarily fence between Gelendzhik and Divnomorskoe both stood, and still stands today, showing complete disregard for his master to the Act.

Consequently, tens of thousands of residents of the resort town, and millions of tourists from all over Russia for the second consecutive year without access to this unique natural area which they belonged and belongs by right. The only "right" that they leave an anonymous tenant - it is an opportunity to admire his "left" a fence at a distance and with anxiety to listen to what is happening behind it. And for him, by the way, the clock rumbling bulldozers and excavators, uhayut Pneumatic, screaming chainsaw and blazing fire, spreading fumes all around.

Activists of the "open coast" came to the conclusion that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, and last fall entered the same territory where the legislation of the Russian Federation suddenly inoperative. Let's face it: what he saw shocked us. The fabulously beautiful forest that we have known and loved since childhood, has changed beyond recognition. As it walked like a giant cultivator, irrevocably destroying thousands (!) Red Pitsundsky pines and juniper. In any wasteland deep wounds gaping trenches and pits.


Concrete roads, punched right through, "particularly valuable and legally protected" relict trees, and then drove dump trucks and other construction equipment. Everywhere were traces of fires - and obviously man-made fires, methodically burns wood at its most scenic, species areas. We are, in fact, were in the midst of large-scale construction projects, which in this protected natural corner looked especially wild and defiant.

What exactly is being built, we realized immediately: a building site next to each contracting firm in order to please their "esteemed customer" set colorful stand with the image of the object being built. That his future villa-style chateau - with wonderful panoramic views of the sea distance and tens of hectares of elite vineyards planted to replace burnt and uprooted the forest.




And here is the personal winery where the grapes taken from these vineyards, will be transformed into an elite wine, which is "a highly respected customer" will slowly sipping on one of the spacious terraces with their families and friends. And here is a sports complex with swimming pool and tennis courts, where he and his family can keep fit, very good appetite and promotes healthy sleep. And here is the path, laid among pine booths, where you can take an evening stroll and breathe the salubrious pine aroma.


In general, a unique on-site and public (legally!) Of pine forest, who are willing to use millions of our fellow citizens are now on someone's anonymous, but very powerful "volition-dictates" must pitch their present estate, designed for unlimited fun single- single landowner and his "highborn" family. Well, then, that in addition to a gross violation of Art. 11 of the Forest Code, the landowner had to "collect" a bunch of other of similar violations and even crimes in the sphere of nature - it seems totally rocking.

He, for example, absolutely do not care:

PT. 1 (2 of 6) of the Code, requiring the lessee to maintain environmental, water protection, safety, hygiene, health, and other useful functions of forests in order to ensure the right of everyone to a healthy environment;

PT. 59th, prohibits any activity that can lead to destruction of, or reduce the number of habitat trees and shrubs, listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation or the subjects of the Russian Federation;

PT. 61st, demanding the unconditional restoration of the cut down, killed or damaged forest;

PT. 102 th and 106 th, prohibiting in particular protective and valuable forests (eg, tape pine forests along the water bodies) clearcuts and any other activities incompatible with their purpose and useful features;

PT. 65th Water Code, sets the width of the water protection zone of the sea 500 meters from the coastline and prohibits there any plowing the land and agriculture (as a plowing under the vines - and therefore maintain regular agricultural work - our smart landlord arbitrarily made a little along all their "possessions" and that is in the water protection zone!);

PT. 56th of the same Code, which prohibits discharge into the sea of ​​waste water containing agrochemicals and pesticides (such as resetting almost inevitable, since the vineyards are located on a slope towards the sea).

"The name, passwords, and turnout" future master - a passionate lover of fine wines - we, unfortunately, could not find out for sure. They are, as usual, safely hidden neproshibaemoy wall of every legal entities. Go understand, for example, what kind of "Azure berry" and who it is in reality - the more so that all the local authorities is silent on this issue, like a fish on the ice.

However, local inhabitants are called large-scale construction persist between Gelendzhik and villages Divnomorskoe "winery Putin" and "Putin's vineyards", and vast tracts of state forest and kilometers of coastline, tightly overlapped in Praskoveevka - "Putin's dacha." Moreover, some of them have the nerve to claim that even work there and describe in detail the "cottage" in a grand building with impressive above-ground and underground floors, as well as an extensive sandy beach and a tunnel in the rock on which the yacht is our premier grand swam directly house. And they swear-swear that many kilometers high-voltage power lines stretched for budget money straight through the mountain range in Praskoveevka ($ 2 million for each leg with delivery and installation), designed exclusively for the needs of Vladimir and his close-knit family, including dogs, horses and Buffy (similar absolutely fantastic versions, see.

Activists of the "open coast", of course, do not believe these rumors. It is extremely difficult to imagine that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, judging by reports from our national media, a man of the highest legal and moral culture, could in the midst of crisis and trillion budget deficit on such a scale to equip their own cottages and estates, and even depriving the whole resort the region of its most valuable recreational areas and violating the norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation. We sincerely believe that these wild "prihvatizatsii" - the handiwork of what some presumptuous oligarchs and corrupt officials, deliberately to dissolve these rumors, so that citizens are not overly indignant and alarmed authorities "unnecessary" questions.

But if the names of the coolest (in terms of number of unlawfully confiscated from the people of the Russian Federation, resorts hectares) Gelendzhik landlords are still in the brooding shadows, then a couple of other landowners' names we can announce very responsibly.

Meet Russians: "His Excellency" Vitaly Y. Semenov, general director of Moscow's largest transportation company CJSC "Ochakovo»

It was he who, by the way, shamelessly invaded his estate under the crux of the Old dzhanhotskoy road, which for centuries enjoyed by millions of people. This is his boorish zaborische put right next to the beach, destroying the reputation of the former village as a place of cultural and comfortable family holiday


Vitaly Y., of course - highly experienced businessman, used to calculate the consequences of their actions, including legal. Therefore, it is strange that before the pile is Hollywood villa with private dock, it is not looked into the relevant Code and have not figured out that think about this law.

A law - (in particular, the Water Code, Art. 6, item 1, 2, 6, 8) - guarantees all citizens of Russia the right of free access to the seashore, and sets the minimum width of the public foreshore of 20 meters, where each of the We can stay and move freely, as well as fishing and "park" their boats and boats. What vividly implies that Vitaly Y. This mandatory public band simply stole and fastened the theft of a monumental wall with chopovskoy protection. And yet from all this it follows that his boorish fence him in the near future will have to move to the legally prescribed distance, and dock - open.








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