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There are legends that are cheap and tasty restaurants on every corner and there is no need to prepare yourself, so that in Thai homes often do not have kitchens. This is all true, but with some modifications.

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Thai food - it's really cheap: an adult can eat for $ 2 to satiety. But we must bear in mind that this is a common rustic food with no frills: noodles or rice with meat (chicken, pork, seafood - to choose from), and lots of spices. It's really delicious, but we in the student dining room can also be inexpensive meal Fine dishes are certainly prepared, but they are probably a lot (learn tomorrow).

About the severity of food - you should always talk to the waiter "know spicy" (and that does not always work) - Thais love chili. For example enjoy this rice noodles with seafood, we have not succeeded (cook zhzhot):

This Thai food was not to his liking, in restaurants can cook something European, but much more expensive. But generally it is folly to go for thousands of miles to order a pizza

By the way, there is no tomato juice and green tea and black tea is only in bags (Lipton). Generally tea culture here seems not. Coffee somewhere decent cook, but mostly soluble garbage (hereafter, when I say "Thai Thai", I mean Samui. Surely in this rather big country kitchen in different regions is different).

In fact, we are here to lean on fruit - pineapple just divine, we have nothing like this for sale. Sell ​​unbrushed, Shelled, cut into pieces, everything is ripe, juicy, fresh and only $ 02.01 for a pineapple.

This refined coconut: Cut off the tip of a knife, inserted a tube and you drink:

Mango, papaya, watermelon and pomelo can also glut oneself, everything is delicious. More tasted "lychee" - looks like a cross between a grape and strawberry tastes like grapes (not my photo):

At the same time he has a bone inside and outside the shell, like a walnut. Very unusual fruit.
Durian is not yet tried, but Alya promised to choose the right degree of maturity (overripe smells rotten meat and ripe delicious).

In general, from the familiar and do not differ in taste fruit we found here only watermelons and bananas. True bananas are smaller and grow in the garden:

Typical Thai "restaurant." Those of farang ("farang" - Thai. "Foreigner") who lives here permanently, prefer to dine in such - here boast smaller portions and more. Or even home cooked Thai food the same - so it turns out even cheaper, although it would seem much more?

Some appalling lack of hygiene, we are used by Hong Kong action movies, not here. But manic tracking cleanliness is none - everything in moderation. As a result of the plague or cholera is not observed. IMHO combination of wind, sun and salt water kills most of the bacteria active

As far as I understood from the explanation Ali, in Thailand there is a list of occupations (50 pieces), which are prohibited from engaging Farang - just to not recover the bread from the natives. Usually these are simple exercises, such as sewing, cooking food, etc. - Something that can do almost every Thai. They are doing it: in every corner there is a studio, restaurant, salon Thai massage and motorbike rental

Many cook without restaurant: grilled kebabs or spring rolls directly on a mobile cart. Fried grasshoppers and scorpions have not seen, can find more Here frogs are sold in the market, live:

What do you do with them - have not yet seen. Hopefully when I order rice with seafood, there are not referring to toads.

Today, bought on the street without a name plate - just like the process of making it. The fire should the pan with semicircular cells, they poured from a teapot dough to resemble liquid porridge.

Obtained hemisphere vyVkusno and costs 20 baht for 8 pieces (1 baht ≈ 1 RUB).

To sum up: the abyss of hunger in Thailand is very difficult, but die from overeating - it easily. On the Internet, say in Thai language has no word "hunger", and although Gugl.Transleyt do not agree, I am inclined to regard it as a stupid machine, especially since Gugl.Transleyt never been to Samui, how would he know that? Nima and folded in a box:



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