12 things to do in Bangkok

Share tips on how to spend time in Bangkok and see the city not only from the formulaic tourist side. Find out where the best views of the city, where Thais are entertained, where to shop and how to get around the whole of Thailand on foot in half a day.


Celebrated in the "Golden triangle" of Bangkok

The ranking of the most prosaic of photographs from Bangkok, take someone to compile it, will lead a selfie with an hour at the Grand Palace, the frame with the heels of the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho and the city panorama from the top of Wat Arun.

No matter will you give in to the temptation to make these pictures, to visit all three main attractions of the Thai capital definitely worth it. And although they are in line of sight from each other, on inspection it is better to lay the whole day.

Tip: the Wat Pho Temple is considered the cradle of Thai massage. Procedures here are a bit more expensive than the city average, but there is no doubt of their authenticity.


To conquer the "mountain of Gold"

Wat Saket or Golden hill is one of the most picturesque and peaceful locations in Bangkok. It is located in the city centre, but there are no crowds of tourists as the Grand Palace or Wat Aruhn. From the observation deck not the top of the temple offers a wonderful view of the city, but to enjoy them, then you have to climb to the top of white hill pedestal, so it is better to come in the morning when it's still not very hot.

Tip: not far from the Church the route of the "river taxi" — scheduled boat which is quick and cheap to get to the business part of the city.


Explore the waterways of Bangkok

All of Bangkok is indented by rivers and canals, as the ant hill tunnels, so the river transport is developed in the city not worse ground. Local willingly use it, and you should follow their example. This will not only avoid traffic jams and to save time, but also to see the city from an unusual angle for a penny, rather than pay exorbitant prices for "canal trips".

On a taxi boat on the canals-longam faster than regular taxi to get from old town to shopping centers in downtown. On the river Choprae it will be convenient to get to Wat Pho, the Grand Palace (pier # 8 Tha Tien) and Wat Arun (across the river ferry goes from the same terminal No. 8).

If you have time and have a desire to see non-touristy Bangkok, hop on a boat with green flagami go up on Choprae to the North. Out on any pier after No. 24, for example, Koh Kret and you will see what Bangkok was before the era of 7-Eleven.


To update your wardrobe

From the point of view of shopping in Bangkok, of course, inferior to Milan or London, but the summer stuff is cheap, and the range is quite wide. Expensive brands are better to look at the Siam Paragon (there is also a good aquarium) and Gaysorn, more democratic — in Central World and MBK. In the same area is Platinum Mall, wondering where to go, at least from an ethnographic point of view: to take a look at Thai ladies in their natural habitat and learn what styles are considered fashionable among Asian women.

For clothes and Souvenirs at bargain prices during the weekdays you should visit the Khao San road and Rambuttri, and the giant Chatuchak weekend market, where you can easily spend the whole day and for 100-200 $ to upgrade your summer wardrobe at least entirely.


To get around the whole of Thailand on foot

If your trip to Thailand more about the beach than about travel, and from Bangkok you will travel to tan — not take half a day on a miniature Park Ancient Siam. Here the area of 320 hectares of recreated copies of all important temples and architectural wonders of the country (both existing and lost). The Park follows the outline of Thailand and the location of all thumbnails in their real geographical position on the map.

Tip: 5 km from the Ancient Siam Park is the "Crocodile farm and zoo", where in one fell swoop you can put a tick in the most banal Thai show: elephant and crocodile.


To taste that hole with som Tam

Bangkok — great place for a gastronomic excursion, and not only for Thai food. Thai food in the capital can try literally on every corner, and in this regard, beginners are often difficult to transcend the years, developed a "health reflex" and go to street diner.

Here are two advice:

a) don't be afraid of street food

b) evaluate institutions according to the number of Thai people, not tourists.


In addition to Thai food in Bangkok is also well represented Indian and Chinese. The Indian dishes are worth a try, for example, in the restaurant Rang Mahalили an expensive and elegant Gaggan. For Chinese delicacies, obviously, go to Chinatown, for example, Siang Ping Loh serves the best Peking duck in the radius of 100 km.

Culinary adventurers will find in Bangkok a lot of challenges for the stomach. For example, shark fins and bird's nests in Chinatown, or crunchy insects and spiders, which are traded in the evening, in the vicinity of Khao San road.


To visit the epicenter of the independent tourism

Khao San road in a length of 400 m, but can safely claim to the title of world capital of independent tourism. But at the same time, perhaps, on record protectedarea hotels, bars and souvenir shops per square meter. A night here may permanently cure a batch of tourism and instill a passion for independent travel. It's hard to say why, perhaps due to subtle emotions on their faces, but looking at the walking tourists — from a rabid Australian students to the venerable German pensioners, understand that they themselves manage their time, decide when and where to go, and no one could depend on.

Tip: do Not react to being bullied and the tuk-tuk drivers at Khao San road and the surrounding streets, and in every shop bargain mercilessly.


To swim on the market

The markets of Bangkok and usually stay in the shadow of more spectacular sights of the capital, although the flavor of some of them will easily give odds to the same temples and palaces. You can start with a morning hike at any food market to buy fruit for the day and see the Thai "product line". And after the massage at Wat Pho you can visit the colorful flower market.

In the vicinity of Bangkok there are some photogenic "floating markets", where instead of shelves — boats. The most famous and major among them are: Talin Chan (closed on weekends) and Damnoen Saduak (open daily). And, perhaps the most exotic market of Thailand is located on the railway tracks at the station of Mae Klong. It would be the conventional grocery market, if the right of the "stalls" were not rattling of the train, and the merchants removed the product from the rails seconds before the appearance of a roaring locomotive.


Feed the lizard

Lumpini Park — Bangkok similar to the Central Park of new York. The skyscrapers of the business part of the city on all sides surround this green oasis with manicured lawns, blooming orchids and artificial ponds. Come at 17:00 — 17:30, to catch fun gymnastics, which bring together Thais of all ages, and by 18:00 try to be in a crowded area of the Park then you will find a little surprise.

Tip: bring some bread to feed the carp (and if you're lucky — and lizards) in the pond.


Put on boxer

Go to Thai Boxing in Bangkok is interesting, even if the fist-knee fighting you are not particularly enticing. The fact that Thailand banned the bet. Although gambling Thais quietly ignore the ban, to party legally and in full, in several places, for example, in the Boxing stadiums of the capital. The stakes here make gestures like the exchange. Sometimes the bookies wrong interpretiruya signs, so it is possible that the most exciting fights to start up not in the arena. For foreigners, the tickets are not cheap, from 1,000 to 2,000 baht (30-60 $), but a unique experience and probably worth the money.

Tip: Of the two stadiums in the capital — Ratchadamnoen and Lumphini is better to choose the second, in February 2014 moved to new, modern building. Fights at Lumpini are held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Enjoy a cocktail on the roof of a skyscraper

Like any Metropolitan city, Bangkok is interesting to look at from the height. Fortunately, the wonderful skyscrapers with observation decks in the city enough. Three of the best cocktail bar with stellar views and a Roof Top Bar on 83rd floor of Baiyoke Sky tower, Moon Bar on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree and Sky Bar on the 63rd floor of the lebua hotel where they filmed "the Hangover 2: From Vegas to Bangkok".

Tip: Try to be on the lookout somewhere at 17:30 — 18:00. Then you'll catch the sunset (and they are in Bangkok are very dramatic), and when the sun goes down it gets dark and sharply — enjoy the view scattered beneath your feet necklace of glowing Windows and highways.


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Look at the quarter, neon lights

For the notorious physiological tricks and Thai massage, which the monks at Wat Pho did not dare to think, you can pay a visit after 9pm on Soi Cowboy or in Patpong. Be careful, these places are full of crooks and rogues. If you are looking for adventure, spend your evening in the vicinity of Khao San road, which is full of late night cafes and clubs with live music.published


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