Eight sins of man

Every summer, a quiet European town happy sweeping wave of tourists, carrying selfie sticks. The restaurants menu is displayed in all the languages of the world and the sellers of souvenir shops added to the collection of costly trifles.

The coastal resorts of the inhabitants of houses in radius of several kilometers from the sea are replaced by tourists, and the beaches are resumed selling three-storey compositions of shells. For many cities in the world this summer, the rhythm of life for decades has become quite familiar. Everyone knows that tourists bring money and take away the reputation of the place.

Sharp seasonal influx in General are willing to tolerate even the guards who at this time much added work. The guests finally got up to leave, often so much be forgotten in the holiday bliss, going around from tour to tour, not changing clothes, swimming trunks, or violently happy celebrating two weeks away from work cheerful songs in the Central square of a quiet Tuscan town.

Not to join them this summer, I advise you to read the sins of a carefree vacationer performs as the resorts of Krasnodar region and in the Paris Museum.


Some sleep, others walk

The main tangible difference between vacationers and local — their opposite rhythms of life. While many local get up for work, visitors only go to sleep, but when the second come up to Breakfast, first lunch is already done.

Many old European cities, for example Venice, at night suffer from a strong echo of the transmitted channels. In the autumn and winter months the sound of the echo cancellation applies only from barking somewhere in the yard dog, used to it and nobody bothers. Year echo the varied and awful in its predictability, when in a quiet Venice enters a group of tourists, to undermine the sanctions of cheese and Italian wine.


In search of specific points

Day rested of tourists take to the streets in search of the perfect places for a photo shoot. In the same Venice, the authorities had to hang in public transport, the vaporetto boats and large intersections polite reminders to guests.

On the tablets the authorities asked tourists to remember that for them, Venice is a place of rest, but for many people — a place of life, and at the time, as tourists block the road trying to take a picture on the background channel, people are late for work or to a doctor's appointment. Why, ask the authorities, while walking through the narrow Venetian alleys hold on the right side, and on the vaporetto stations miss residents first.


Such a thing — the bike

In Copenhagen, Denmark or Dutch Amsterdam unwary tourists being hit by a Bicycle. Almost half of the inhabitants of these cities to get to work that way. This is primarily due to developed infrastructure, which allows citizens to move safely through the city.

They race to work on dedicated bike lanes with their own traffic lights are Cycling in traffic, pay large fines for running a red light and pedestrians are free to pass in exactly the same way as do motorists, that is within the rules of the road.

Tourists, in turn, are often not ready to bicycling, and it sometimes has unfortunate consequences. Watching a beautiful tower of the Palace, they suddenly found themselves on the bike path, not looking around. In the best case 15 of the Danes time to slow down and gently remind visitors about the security rules. In the worst — hit tourist or each other and someone's vacation is ruined.



Happy campers for his active lifestyle sometimes prevent not only local residents but also to each other. Most clearly this is demonstrated in the Louvre the painting "Mona Lisa". Every second considers the need not just to capture the painting of the great Leonardo on your smartphone, but also make the background of a selfie.

Art lovers crowd, shove each other with their elbows and for the most part not particularly interested in the history of the paintings and masterpieces around. Pandemonium and battle of the cameras also often happen at the monuments or at the species points, where each tries to take a photo that creates the illusion that around really not a soul.


A place in the sun

The voltage increases on the beach when the emotional discomfort turns into a fight for a sunbed. The discontent accumulated over many years of experience in the office, poured into the unsuspecting Madam, to his misfortune took someone else's towel. Tourists can very quickly discard the thought of relaxing by the sea and devote themselves to a passionate scandal with no other conclusion, but spoiled the mood of both parties.

Often a similar confrontation happens high in the air during the flight. The chair lowered all ten hours to Thailand, could cause international scandal. But it can be avoided if people would respect each other and give back only during sleep, thus enabling the neighbors in the back for more space while eating or watching a movie.


Mark in history

However, more often tourists make the resort's sins against itself. For example, when a Declaration of love to Mary, scratched her name on a tree in the Botanical garden, or pick out a bamboo from the land of dreams to put him in the country. Sad also is when tourists leave marks on historic places, declaring to everyone else that they had been there. It is with high probability ends a considerable fine and spoiled on a budget.


To get to higher ground

If tourists do not draw, strive somewhere to climb. For example, at the Holocaust memorial in Berlin or sacred aboriginal mount Uluru in the Northern territory of Australia. Despite the warnings in all the guides that climbed the mountain, tourists are insulting the memory of the departed, to the top of Uluru for decades already trodden a clear path.

The same, incidentally, can be seen in the Holy places in Russia, for example, on Olkhon island on lake Baikal, where, despite large signs asking them not to approach the Holy objects of the local shamanic culture, tourists continued to stroll around and to do thoughtful portraits at sunset. In 2015 in Cremona the Italian tourists who tried to do a good selfie, deprived of the crown of the three hundred years statue of Hercules, and in may of this year in the Portuguese capital was shattered statue of king Sebastian I, made 126 years ago.


Not Thomas

The belief in the mind finally cracks, when the holiday sins become life-threatening. For example, the desire to smoke on a hot day in the forest and then throw a cigarette butt under a tree or the decision to swim in prohibited areas. Many tourists often don't trust black flags during a storm, act contrary, and then half a day looking for the rescue team.



Movies that made time stop

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The signs on the Northern coast of Australia, warning that the place is inhabited by crocodiles and water are not allowed, also, surprisingly, sometimes you do not find the opinion in the minds of tourists and they are risking their lives, test the assertion in practice.published


Author: Lera Shvets


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