16 errors during washing that spoil your stuff

Your clothes after washing, fades, stretches or sits? It's time to know what you are doing wrong: we present a list of the most common mistakes – and advice on how to fix them.

Let's face it: each of us at least once in a lifetime spoiled favorite thing due to improper washing. Laundry is an inevitable event, so let's try to make it more ergonomic and easy.


1. Incorrect sorting

Just to separate the white stuff from ferrous and non-ferrous, is not sufficient. To avoid damaging fabric, do not wash along with towels and synthetic stuff, and fleece jackets – with other tissues. New clothes should be washed separately from the old, as fresh tissue can colour the water much stronger.

  2. The struggle for life

No need to RUB the spot too tightly, fiercely and hard – you can damage the fabric. Better do it carefully and methodically. Remember: the less time passes from the moment you "put" a stain on clothes, the more likely completely to get rid of it. And Yes, it is better not to RUB and blot the spot with a piece of cloth of white color.

  3. Too much powder

Another common mistake is using too much detergent (detergent). Excess foam can hold the dirt in places like the collar: there will accumulate bacteria that we certainly don't need. Read the instructions on the packaging means! 4. Dry clean

Often we wash clothes labeled "dry clean only" (dryclean) in the washing machine, which leads to unpleasant consequences. To begin test: with a cotton swab dipped in detergent, gently scrub with a cloth. If the colors don't fade, feel free to wash the thing by hand in cold soapy water. Then turn it, put it inside the towel. This approach applies to things made of natural fabrics (cotton, silk), but leather, fur and suede, it is better to get it dry-cleaned. 5. Dangerous teeth

Be sure to zip zippers on things until the very end. The metal teeth can damage the delicate fabrics that you wash along with jeans or a jacket with a zipper. 6. More or less?

Think twice before you use bleach too much can cause damage to the tissue, making it less durable. Not all contaminants require bleaching. For example, to get rid of belkovosoderzhaschih spots, as well as blood or sweat, put socks or underwear in a large pot, add a little lemon juice and boil the water. 7. No rest

If you want to make more than one time of washing in a row, many Housewives prefer to let the machine "rest" for a while, to not overload the device. However, smarter to erase a row: this approach allows you to benefit from redistribution of heat from the previous cycle, reducing the consumption of electricity.

  8. A complete mess

Throwing socks into the drum haphazardly, after washing we are faced with a familiar and annoying issue – not able to sort them. Share tip: put them in the washing machine in the first place – believe me, this simple rule will greatly facilitate your life.

   9. Spoiled towels

As for the towels, never use fabric softeners when washing. Latest reduce the absorbency of towels, which is contrary to their primary function.

   10. Bathing the trouble

Don't even think to put swim trunks or swimsuit in the washing machine! This method of washing them contraindicated as it can permanently damage the fabric, especially if it's spandex (or elastane). Hand wash in cold water with mild soap – that's what you need. 11. Absorbent feathers

Wash feather pillows and comforters twice. The fact is that due to the special density of feathers detergent can stay inside the pillows and blankets after washing and the second washing cycle will remove internal excess powder. 12. Hot
How often do we hear complaints about shrunken after the first wash the clothes! But this problem can be easily prevented: just 90 percent of things are contraindicated hot wash. This also applies to the drying – no hot air for synthetics and delicate fabrics. 13. A lot of things

Many Housewives, trying to wash as many clothes at once, overload the washing machine drum, which is bad for the device, and for clothing. The fabric in this dense neighborhood is torn, and the machine vibrates. 14. All the buttons on

Contrary to popular belief, shirts need to be washed open, otherwise there is a chance that the thread will quickly come into disrepair, and after washing, you will be missing a few buttons.

​   15. Stale things

Try to take the washing out of the machine as soon as possible: so it will be easier to Pat. In addition, stale in the bowl things risk getting a bad smell.

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In the washing machine piling up of bacteria that can cause odor or even mildew. Leave the door of the device open after washing to let the insides dry and ventilated. We also recommend at least once a month to clean the car with a sponge with detergent. And, don't forget to use the descaler! published Author: Anastasia Komarovskaya P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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