Myths about washing machines

The truth about the scale: scale harm to the washing machine
Scale is formed on the electric heaters in the form of a metal tube, called a TAN. In fact, the scale - a precipitate. It is formed when the magnesium and calcium salts, which are in the water under heat decompose into carbon dioxide and solid insoluble matter. The higher the washing temperature, the larger the scale is formed.
The presence of scale on PETN significantly deteriorates the thermal conductivity of the metal surface of the heating element, which in turn causes an increase in power consumption and heating time in the water tank. Besides a large number of scale may damage the heating element.
Manufacturers tout various tools that protect the washing machine from limescale. However, it should be borne in mind that some of them just makes the water softer and prevents scale, but does not clear the machine from an existing plaque. The ads often show PETN, overgrown with thick crust of scale, but such a large plaque is formed only in very hard water.
Many modern washing machine washes laundry well at low temperatures, whereby scum is not formed therein.
To find out if PETN scale, enough to shine a torch on it through the holes in the drum, the drum rotating in different directions for a better view.
Also the choice of means for cleaning the washing machine should be aware of the operating instructions, in which the manufacturer indicates what chemicals it can be done.
To clean the heater from the raid, you must use special means of discharge antiscale. To do this once every six months - a year spend no laundry with the addition of these chemicals.
Myths about scale:
1. Citric acid, vinegar and soda help from scale
Often the washing machine to get rid of the scum use home remedies such as vinegar, baking soda, citric acid, soap and other alkalis and acids.
Acetic acid removes scum, but corrodes the metal parts of the washing machine and can damage rubber parts. The same, but to a lesser degree relates to the citric acid. So better to clean the washing machine with special chemicals recommended by the manufacturer.
2. Washing powders descale
In fact, some detergents contain substances that make soft water, neutralizing calcium and magnesium salts. However remove previously formed plaque washing powder can not.

The truth about washing: down jackets should be washed with tennis balls
Feather and down during washing can turn into lumps which will be difficult to rectify, and your winter jacket loose appearance. Therefore, you need to properly wash down jackets.
First of all, we should pay attention to the label, which indicates whether it is admissible machine washable, and if so, at what temperature. As a rule, it is recommended to opt for feather gentle treatment with a temperature no higher than 30 degrees.
To during washing did not form lumps, put into a drum machine with the product of three balls for tennis, which will whisk down jacket.
Things fluff usually poorly rinsed, so when you wash them you need to use the "extra rinse". Pressing the down jacket in the washing machine can be, but at the very minimum speed.
The myth of the Laundry: Washing performance depends on the water temperature
When selecting the wash temperature should not think that the hotter the water, the better. This approach can harm your clothes.
It is necessary to examine the wash program to the operating instructions and choose the appropriate mode for cotton, silk, jersey and other fabrics. Then the washing machine itself adjusts the wash temperature, rotational speed and frequency of squeezing.

The truth about washing powder: powder for hand washing is not suitable for automatic washing
Powders for hand washing foam is stronger than powder for machine washing. The rising foam can flow along the walls of the machine. The result may be affected electronics, and the washing machine will need expensive repairs or replacement.
The myth of the washing powder, baby powder detergents harmless
Many parents are afraid to use conventional powders for washing children's things, believing that they have a lot of harmful chemicals that are not washed out. In fact, baby powder in composition is only slightly different from those of adults. Therefore, to the child was not allergic, you need to hand wash baby soap. Any additional rinse things after washing in the machine. To chemical residues weathered, dry clothes outdoors.
Truth and Myth: underload washing machine hurting her
In this myth, there is some truth. When underload or overload the washing machine tub imbalance can occur in some cases, when the laundry gets off to someone or thing hammered into a duvet cover. This may affect the premature failure of the bearings.




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