How things have been invented ingenious

In the XIX century, the washing process was, as many believe, the most time-consuming of all the hassle of housewives. Indeed, apart from the heavy manual labor in the process of washing clothes and washing agents were used that are harmful to the skin of hands. Automation washing at the time was not yet, all processes - soaking, main wash, rinse and spin drying were performed manually.

By the end of XIX century appeared the following type washing machines that are already in something reminiscent of the old Soviet-era samples of the "Volga" - reminiscent of the barrel, including the existence of a mechanism for pressing.

In this type of washing machines for actuating mechanism operated manual labor was also used. The man behind the handle of the rotating wheel, which aired through the gears move in a tank of water in which there do laundry. Washing machine of this type create the excitement of the water inside the tank, whereby the clothes rubbing against each other, and thus there was a process of washing.

Meanwhile, the washing machine became iron. Using electric motors, giving vibration led to the destruction of the tank washing machines are made of wood. Replacing wood with iron enabled soon carry another improvement. Earlier, housewives had to manually heat water on the stove, carry out and pour the heated water into the washing machine. Now iron electric washing machines have their own heating element - PETN. By the way, today Tan is one of the most common causes of breakdowns and repairs washing machines. On PETN eventually formed scale, which leads to poor heat transfer from PETN to water, thereby heating element overheats and breaks.

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