Students created a washing machine, working without water

Two young Argentines made a washing machine that operates without water. Students of National University of Cordoba Nicolas Araya and Nicolas Vuksanovic showed the world the invention as his diploma work. For cleaning of fabrics they have proposed to use carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide.

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Araya and Vuksanovic plan to contribute to the solution of environmental problems of the modern world, including lack of fresh water. To this end, they began to develop a new washing machine. Unlike other machines for dry cleaning, which uses water, though in small volumes, their unit, which has the name "nimbus" runs completely dry. He needs just natural carbon dioxide and a patented environmentally friendly detergent. Moreover, it requires much less electricity than an ordinary washer. After such washing, linen is not necessary to dry or ironed.
For his invention of young experts in the field of industrial design won the highest award for a thesis.

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