Work on trikvel "Sin City" has already begun

The second part of "Sin City 2: A woman worth killing for which" will be released only in August this year, and Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller has already started work on the third film of the franchise "Sin City".

"Just last night we watched Frank" Sin City 2: A woman, for which there is a kill, "- said Rodriguez's leading radio show Ron and Fez. - Installation of the painting is completed, work is continuing on visual effects. Frank was pleased with what he saw, and we moved on to discuss the third part. "

Shot from the second part of the series "Sin City»

I recall the first part of "Sin City" was released in 2005 and earned a worldwide box office $ 158 million with a budget of $ 40 million. The cycle is based on the graphic novels of the same name by Frank Miller. In the second part of the cycle we will see new and familiar characters played by Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Josh Brolin, Michael Madsen, Bruce Willis and Eva Green. Who will star in the third part of the film is not yet clear.

Shot from the first part of the series "Sin City"


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