Blame Putin, Navalny, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Chechens

We always love to scratch languages ​​(including Yap) about the fact that everything is bad all around, and blame Putin, Medvedev, officials Navalny, the Russian Orthodox Church, Chechens, Dagi, Gopnik, etc. Scrolling can be infinite. Blame everyone except ourselves.

And we have nothing really not to blame, we just fuck. And we can not understand what is said through the mouth of Comrade Bulgakov Professor Transfiguration - "Ruin is not the closet, and in their heads» ...

Will 5 photos / screenshots + a bit of beeches

I was driving on the street today. Belgrade, in a gray city of Saint Petersburg. On the navigator saw on the parallel street (Vitebsk avenue - quite a busy road), the message "open door" and labeled "danger", left by someone 9 minutes ago.

Not that I'm unemployed person, but as a rabid dog seven versts not hook, and I was "too much" time (before the meeting with the partner in Kupchino was still an hour), and I decided sezdit see what there is . 4 km through a small cork does not take a lot of time.

At an entrance to the site in front of me was a machine on the permissible speed, but the hatch, apparently, the driver noticed immediately, and did so in front of him a dangerous maneuver - darted from side to side ... and went on about his business. Carried after all! Why stop it?
In general podezzhayu, and I see a picture (see photo on fotkal navigator, so the horizon is filled up, I'm sorry).
Gentlemen, comrades! Open the hatch on the edge of the middle band - not your dick dog. Even at acceptable in on this stretch of road speed of 60 mph rode in a small hatch can not appear. Not to mention that just this part of the road as straight as an arrow, there's like a little dispersed, despite periodically exhibited there "tripod» ...
The result of the passage of such a hatch - it can happen anything you like - and can be "over it" fly, you can simply gouging the rubber disk, suspension, or may kidanut or to the next number, or even anywhere until the column. Lethal outcome I do not exclude too.
Manhole cover, probably just blew off the wagon. It is unlikely that there is someone doing something, and did not close.
I drove up to 16 minutes of the first message of the danger. Given that there is a minute passes a decent number of cars, it turns out that none of the hundreds of passing the driver did not stop and did nothing. No, well, of course, to poke a finger in the smartphone and write "Ёba hatch open" - we can. A stop for exactly 1 minute and close the hatch - a dick to you. Let me remind you that in front of me after just one car in the sunroof rode.

He stopped directly in front of the hatch, turned on the emergency gang and closed the hatch. At the pofotat take 1-2 minutes exactly. Maleh soiled hands only, it is rusty.

Those wishing to make a joke about it - I have to say - a plumber or homeless inside was not, I checked))))

Finally I left a message in the navigator - "Why only I stopped and closed the hatch?". In a message no one answered. Yes and no answers because there is no longer uebetsya. But if something happened, would have begun - road services shit, asshole Putin, it is necessary to bring down post videorega on Yap with five pages of flooding, etc.

The post is not written by Yuki's sake, and not to show what I'm bitching, fucking, and warm-hearted people. No, I'm the same cattle, as well as all around. I just probably a little less fuck than the others, and I want to understand why we ALWAYS ALL fuck?

I have finished, you can throw the manhole covers.

PS By the way, this is the sixth in six months I closed the hatch on the road)))

And finally, let me quote in full Michal Afanasicha ...

- Devastation, Philip Philipovich!
- No - quite confidently replied Philip Philipovich - no. You are the first, dear Ivan Arnoldovich refrain from the use of this word. This is - a mirage, smoke, fiction! - Philip Philipovich widely spread his short fingers, making two shadows, like turtles, fidgeted on the tablecloth. - What is this your "ruin"? The old woman with a crutch? Witch, who knocked out all the windows, put out all the lights? Yes it is not sushestvuet! What do you mean by this word? - Furiously I asked Philip Philipovich had miserable wooden duck hanging upside down next to the buffet, and he himself answered for her: - It is that if I instead operate every evening will start in his apartment singing the chorus, I there will be disruption. If I am, going to the bathroom, I'll start, excuse me for the expression, by the toilet to urinate, and the same will make Zina and Darya Petrovna, in the dressing room will ruin. Consequently, the disruption is not in the closet, and in their heads. So when these baritones shouting "Beat ruin!" - I laugh. (Face Philipp twisted so that the bitten one opened his mouth.) - I swear to you, I find it funny! This means that each must peel yourself on the head! And that's when he hatched from itself world revolution, Engels and Nikolai Romanov, the oppressed Malays and the like hallucinations, cleaning barns will - right in the business - the devastation will disappear by itself. You can not serve two gods! You can not at one and the same time to sweep the tram tracks and arrange the fate of some Spanish ragamuffins! It can not be anyone, a doctor, and even more so - people who generally lags behind the development in Europe for two hundred years, is still not entirely confident button up their own trousers!



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