Pictures of Dreams

Want to impress your sleep in a work of art? And why not. Curious. Anyway, I would not give up such an experiment. In the end, I have a right to know what images come to me in a dream. And for all household bustle became bad dreams to remember. And here - please. Fit into the bed. It spetsmatrats eighty sensors. Well, as usual - temperature, pressure and other parameters of the organism. While you sleep, the robot draws your sleep. Well, that is, by itself, after processing all mattress data received over the wireless network. Thanks to all that derived algorithm translates to "draw" format, and smart device displays on the canvas of your vision. You go on so mesyachishko - and you can expose personal exhibition of works.
The action itself (or a program, I do not know) is called, respectively - "Sleep Art" ("Art in a dream") and is available for guests of the hotel chain "Ibis Hotels" in the capitals of France, Germany and the UK. Kiev for some reason, this list does not appear, but sorry. Although, as far as I know, one hotel of this network in the capital of Ukraine has exactly - on Shevchenko Boulevard near the Academy of Advocacy. So, hopefully, in the near future and it will be interesting service is available without going abroad. Or look the other day so ask? What if?


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