How do I know what having a dream with the help of various dream-books?

Vivid dreams quite often in modern and old dream books are treated differently. Many authors give the same image of different meanings. Therefore, to obtain the most accurate transcripts should be guided by the dream-books, which predict the same or similar. They will help find out what had a dream, and the meaning of its individual objects.

How to choose a good deciphering dreams dream interpretation?

The user must initially examine the predictions from different authors. For example, if the dream of a lion, on the values ​​of the king of beasts dreams can be read here. Collected predictions dreams by Meneghetti, Miller, Nostradamus to help decipher the dream exactly. Learn about the meaning of a lion can be in English, Assyrians, and other dream books. After reading the predictions necessary to determine:

  • public decryption dream books like;
  • any downers include accurate and detailed identification (without mysterious and obscure predictions);
  • public decryption dream books differ considerably.
    In the future, you can learn about the veracity of each prediction and to verify the correctness of each of the studied dream book. The interpreter, who was right at 70-100% can be considered the most reliable. And that this book is recommended to use in the future to decipher dreams.

    Why dream meanings in different dream books differ?

    Each of the interpreters of dreams has been written by different authors, and some contained altogether common folk beliefs. Therefore, to determine the most accurate book, unfortunately, can not. The user can only choose "their" dream book, which in most cases provides accurate decoding. Most commentators are attractive, and contain descriptions of the future, and possible causes of the dream of certain people, animals, objects.

    Finding a dream book, perfect decoding of the dream, you can not worry about tomorrow. To all the negative predictions of the reader will be ready, and the positive effects only enrich his life. If for some reason the interpretation ceased to come true, you can re "recheck" downers and choose for themselves a new interpreter of dreams.


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