Louise Hay: Accidents - not "cases"!

< body, like everything else in our lives, - nothing but as a direct reflection of our beliefs Our body always tells us -. If we only take the time to listen ... every cell in the body responds to our every thought and every word.

Long mindset and behavior of the body define the word. The man with a sad face is clearly sad thoughts. In this respect, interesting elderly persons. They - a direct reflection of their way of thinking throughout their lives. And how you will look when get old?

< In this book I present a complete list of metaphysical diagnosis and mental causes of many diseases. This is true for about 90-95%.

The head is ourselves. This is what we show the world. We learn in the head. When something is not right in the head, it means that something is wrong with us.

Hair constitute force. When we are very scared, we are creating a "steel belt", which generally starts in the shoulder muscles, and then goes to his head, and sometimes your eyes. Hair grow through the hair follicle. When we create a lot of stress in the skull, the bags are automatically closed and the hair starts to die off and fall out. If the voltage is constantly going on and the skull is not relaxed, the hair stops growing. The result - a bald head. Women have started to go bald since they will in the "business" man's world.

We have, of course, this is not always notice, as many wigs look completely natural.

Ears. is a character the ability to listen and hear. When a person with ear problems, which means that in his life there is something that he refuses to hear. Pain in the ears - is an example of the highest irritation in respect of what you hear. Children are often a pain in the ears. They, the poor have to listen to all the homes that they do not want to hear. Expressing his anger child is prohibited, as well as it practically can not change anything, this inability leads to pain in the ears.

Deafness is a long - perhaps lifelong - unwillingness to listen to anyone. Note: when we see a partner with a hearing aid, the other says without stopping ...

Eyes talk about being able to see. When we have problems with the eyes, it usually means that we refuse to see anything - either in ourselves or in our lives. When I see young children with glasses, I know that something is wrong at home, they literally refuse something to watch. If they can not change the home situation, they just scatter your vision, so that your eyes have lost the ability to see clearly.

headaches occur when we feel inferior. The next time you have a headache, stop for a moment and ask yourself, where do you feel humiliated and why. Forgive yourself, let this feeling go away, and your headache will disappear by itself.

Migraines are created by people who want to be perfect, as well as those who have a lot of irritation in this life.

Neck and throat very interesting

neck -. the ability to thinking flexibility, the ability to see the other m side of the question to understand the point of view of another person. When we have problems with the neck, it means that we are stubborn and refuse to be more flexible.

< Throat is our ability to stand up for themselves, ask for what we want. Throat problems arise from the feeling that we "have no right", and the feeling of inferiority.

Sore throat - it is always irritated. If it is accompanied by cold, in addition to this, more and confusion. Laryngitis usually means that we are so evil that literally can not speak. Throat, moreover, is the body site where all our creative energy is concentrated. Diseases associated with glands and the thyroid gland, so suggest that in a creative sense, you could not do what you would like. It is in the throat occur primarily our changes. When we resist change, we often have problems with his throat.

Please note, we sometimes start coughing for no reason, no reason at all. Or someone else begins to cough. What is said in this moment? To which we respond? Maybe it's stubbornness, resistance, or an indication that we are in the process of change?

Back is a support system. Back problems indicate that you feel a lack of support. Too often we think that we are supported by family and friends. In fact, it is the support of the universe and of life itself.

Problems with the upper part of the back - a signal of lack of emotional support: "My husband (lover, friend) does not understand and does not support me." The middle part of the back has a direct bearing on the guilt. Are you Afraid of what you have back or hiding something there? Do not you have the feeling that someone hit you in the back?

Do you worry all the time about your money? What you have your money situation? It can be a source of problems with lower back.

Light - the ability to give and take life. Lung problems usually occur because of our unwillingness or fear to live a full life, or from the fact that we believe that we have the right to live in full force. Those who smoke a lot, usually deny life. They hide s and mask your sense of inferiority.

Chest - the embodiment of motherhood. When there are problems with the breasts, which means that we literally suffocate the attention of another person, thing or situation. If there is a cancer of the breast, it is an additional and cumulative resentment or anger. Let go of fear and know that each of us is active and operates the mind of the universe.

Heart , of course, symbolizes love, and blood - joy. When in our life there is love and joy, the heart is literally shrinks and becomes cold. As a result, the blood begins to flow slowly and gradually, we are going to anemia, vascular sclerosis, heart attack (myocardial). We are sometimes so entangled in the drama of life, which themselves create that does not notice the joy that surrounds us. Golden heart, cold heart, black heart, a loving heart - and what is your heart?

Stomach processes, digesting all the new ideas and situations. And what and whom you can "digest"? When we have problems with the stomach, it usually means we do not know how to assimilate a new life situation. We are scared. Many of us remember a time when passenger planes have just started to fly. For us, it was the news the idea of ​​flying in the sky, and it was extremely difficult to assimilate it into our brains. On each seat there were packages that rescued us when we became ill. And we almost always use them. Now, many years later, although packages are available as before, nobody uses them. We finally assimilated the idea of ​​flight.

Gastric ulcer - this is more than just a fear, a feeling that we are not good enough or full. We are afraid that not good enough for my parents, bosses, teachers, etc. We literally can not stomach the fact that we represent. We have time and again tried to please others. No matter what position you occupy at work, you may be completely absent self-esteem. The answer to the resolution of this problem - love. People who love and respect themselves, do not have ulcers. Be gentle and attentive to the child inside of you (remember our exercise?) And always maintain and respect it.

Gallstones represent the accumulated bitter thoughts, as well as the pride that prevents you get rid of them. Try the following exercise: constantly tell yourself: "I am happy to let go of his past. Life is beautiful and I am too. "

Problems with the bladder, anus, genitals are due to distorted ideas about our bodies and the functions they perform. Each organ of our body - it is a great reflection of life itself! We do not think that life is dirty and sinful. Why are we so think of the genitals? The anus is as beautiful as and ears. Without the anus, we were not able to get rid of toxins and would die very quickly. Every part of our body and every function that it performs, it is normal, natural and beautiful. Our sexual organs were created for pleasure. To deny this fact - thus creating pain and punishment. Sex is fine and perfectly normal to have sex for us, as well as eating and drinking.

For a moment imagine the infinity of the universe. We is hard to imagine. And inside the universe many galaxies. Around the Sun revolve a lot of planets, among them - the Earth. And you know, I was incredibly difficult to imagine that the force that created the entire universe - it's just an old man who sits back in the clouds ... and watching our genitals! And yet it is this taught many of us when we were kids. For us it is very important to get rid of these stupid things.

However, do not get me wrong. In no case do not preach free sex with just anyone. Simply, many of our policies are outdated, so many of them break and become hypocrites. When we remove the guilt from our consciousness of sexuality and teach people to love and respect yourself and therefore others, only then they will be automatically live in the name of higher - Goodness and Joy. We all have so many problems with sexuality because of our self-loathing and samootvrascheniya. Therefore, we are treated badly and to themselves and to others. It is not enough to give sex education in schools. We need, at a deeper level, to allow children to understand that their bodies, sexual organs and sexuality are created for joy.

Ovaries is a creative energy. Problems with them - unexpressed creative possibilities.

Feet carry us through life. Problems with legs indicate fear or reluctance to move forward to move in a certain direction. Our feet carry us, drag, drag, and sit on them big, fat, full of childhood resentments thigh. The reluctance to act is often manifested in the serious problems with their feet. Varicose veins - or a house or a job that you hate.

Accidents is not "cases". Like everything else in our lives, we create them. At all I do not say to yourself, "I want to be with me there was an accident." We simply create a system of intellectual beliefs, which may involve an accident. With some of us always happens something, while others live a life without a scratch.

Accidents - an expression of anger and resentment. They are an expression of hopelessness and a complete lack of freedom of man to express his feelings.

Accident - it is also a revolt against a representative of authorities. We were so angry that we want someone to hit, but instead hit themselves. When we are angry at ourselves, we feel guilty when we are literally looking for the punishment itself, it comes in the form of an accident. At first glance, we are only the innocent victim of an accident. The accident allows us to ask for help and sympathy to others. We washed the wound and caring for us. Often we are forced to lie in bed, sometimes for a long time. And we moan in pain. With the pain our body tells us is something in life, we need more work. The size of the pain indicates how badly we wanted to punish myself.

Rheumatism - a disease acquired from the constant criticism of ourselves and others. People with rheumatism usually attract people who constantly criticize them. This is because of their own beliefs, they should criticize others. They are a curse - it is their desire to constantly be "perfect", with any people in any situation. Their burden is truly unbearable.

Asthma. A person with asthma, it seems that he does not have the right to breathe. Children with asthma - it is, as a rule, children with highly developed conscience. They take all of the blame on himself. Sometimes it helps to change the place of residence, especially if the family does not go with them. Typically, children with asthma recover. It is promoted by the school, the new life situations, when the attack is repeated as if someone had pressed the button.

Cancer - a disease caused by a deep resentment accumulated, which literally begins to eat the body. As a child, there is something which undermines our faith in life. This case is never forgotten, and people living with a sense of immense self-pity. It is difficult at times to have a long, serious relationship. Life for such a person is made up of endless frustration. The feeling of despair and hopelessness prevails in his mind, it is easy to blame others for their problems. People suffering from cancer, is very self-critical. As I was convinced on own experience, acquired the ability to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, cures cancer.

Overweight - not that other, as the need for protection. We are looking for protection from pain, criticism, sexuality, abuse, etc. Extensive selection, is not it? I was never fat, but on their own experience that when I feel insecure and do not matter, I'm getting fat on automatically a few kilos. When the threat disappears, excess weight also disappears. Fight with the world - a waste of energy and time. As soon as you stop resisting your weight immediately normalized. Trust in yourself, to the very process of life, to abstain from negative thoughts - these are ways to lose weight.

The pain of any origin, in my opinion - evidence of guilt. And the wine is always looking for the punishment, the penalty, in turn, creates pain. Chronic pain occurs from chronic guilt, buried so deep within us that we often about her not even know. Guilt - feeling useless. This feeling never did work, it is unable to change the situation. So release himself from prison.

Operation (any). of the surgeon's intervention is necessary, for example, for injuries of hands, feet, so that people could focus on recovery and on the fact that it does not happen again . In medicine today, many fine doctors, who fully devoted themselves to helping people. More and more doctors are starting to heal, using holistic methods.

Yet most of our doctors do not want to deal with the causes of disease and treat only the symptoms and consequences. They do this in two ways: either poison drugs or cut. Surgeons cut, and if you go to a surgeon, he certainly will recommend surgery. If you have no choice, ready to please her, so that you quickly and have recovered without complications.

One of my friend had to do emergency surgery. Before the operation, she was talking with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. She asked them to turn on during the operation pleasant light music and access to each other and it is only in soft colors. The nurse did the same after the surgery. The operation went well and my friend recovered in record time. After the operation, all the time listen to the music you love, and constantly talking to herself: "I'm recovering quickly. Every day I feel better and better. "

Tumors - false growths. Oyster takes a tiny grain of sand and builds around it a hard and shiny skin in order to protect themselves. We call a grain of sand pearl and admire its beauty. We, as an oyster, take a stream of insult and nosimsya with it until it goes into the tumor. I call this "turning of the old film»

. I am convinced that tumors in women in the uterus, ovaries, etc. from the fact that they take the emotional pain that occurred as a result of the impact on their femininity, and carry with it all his life before the tumor. I call it simply: "It hurt me very much." If your relationship with someone to an end, it does not mean that you are not all right, and it does not prove that we really stand.

The point is not that happens to us in this life, and how we react to it. We are, without exception, assume 100 percent responsibility for everything that happens to us.

© Louise Hay


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