What we see and what we believe

That's how you live yourself, live, and do not suspect, who shares the house with you, life, life. I do not know, maybe a Belgian Yang thought not quite or very much other thoughts came to his mind when he was nineteen years after marriage suddenly learned that his beloved wife Monica was not always a woman.
At one time, for the sake of the marriage he had to go through the legal complexities of divorce proceedings with previous wife, settle problems with Migration Service (Monica native to Indonesia). Migration Service, by the way, still suspected that with a birth certificate that something is wrong. And here is a final.
And, characteristically, guess something could be much sooner. If there is a will. But, like most men, Yang believed what he wanted to believe. What was familiar and comfortable. And only the events of the last time the missus has ceased to be such a better half and had a ball, somehow gradually brought to a head. No, not that one of the new Cavaliers knocked unhappy about any discrepancies or deviations. But just as it happens.
Having learned from visiting relatives Monica that she as a child was a boy, Jan was horrified.
On the legal side events to mention somehow did not particularly want to. Clearly, there are a number of different views of each side, and who owed what the court will decide.
I'm on the other. As we can not see the obvious, when you do not want to see it. Here the emphasis is not just notice, and even kill. Be careful, gentlemen.


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