How to draw people and events into your life

How can we overcome something negative, not opposing him? This issue shows one of those fallacies that (sometimes a lifetime) does not allow us to get what we want.

We think that by resisting negativity, release it. But it's not. In many cases, the freedom to create the desired we get only after it ceased to resist.

Opposing his wishes, we only pour oil on the fire.

So we will only aggravate the situation. If we resist what we do not want, then fully concentrate on it; we proceed from the assumption that external circumstances will not allow us to get what we want.

Let's look at some examples. If we are not going to communicate with certain people, certainly, so that we are forced to face them on business constantly.

The more we fight with some habits of our children, the stronger they become. If we fear getting fat, resist the desire to eat dessert, we even more want it.

When we don't want to pay the bills, they seem to just overwhelm us. When in a hurry and are afraid to get into the "tube" — you can be sure that we'll be there for at least half an hour.

Because of this resistance denies your inner power to create or attract what you want. Actively focusing on what we don't want to weaken our ability to get what we want.

It's hard to be sure that you can make dreams reality, if you just think about what you achieved. It is not easy to experience a state of inner happiness, love and peace, if you try to search for it outside.

This does not mean that people should ignore all he wants. But instead of resisting the negative, it can be used.

Negative emotions will help to feel desired and focus on it. The ability to create their future depends entirely on attempts to do this, and from human life position.

Do not resist and be aware of and release negative emotions, and then attention will turn to what you want.

Resistance reinforces the belief that we can't get what you want. We automatically begin to accumulate evidence of their own powerlessness and eventually lose touch with their creative potential.

We create what you believe in. Hhuman thinking is much more powerful than most people think. 90% of what happens in life is caused by our mental images, and only about 10% of actions.

The person who believes that he can have more, but can not achieve this, you should take a closer look into their experiences.

And then he'll see that deep down doesn't believe in your success. On the contrary, continuing to believe in what you want in the most hopeless situations, a person strengthens his faith and beliefs.

When you believe problems make you stronger and strengthen your faith.

We create what you believe in.

When a feeling of hopelessness takes over a person's confidence in himself, he too begins to resist the world.

Instead of accepting what is, and work to get what he wants, he spends all his strength on the resistance of the current situation.

When we resist another person or any situation, we give desire the wrong direction.

Instead of striving for calm and cooperation, we want to get rid of anything. Instead of trying to complete the project — spending an enormous amount of energy getting work.

Instead of handle — unnecessarily consumed soul force, hoping to change the behavior of the partners. We sosredotochimsya on what you do not want, and think back to occasions when you didn't get what he wanted.

Instead, we should focus on the desired and remember those occasions when he received it.

We resist behavior of partners, feeling that they do not like. Instead of having to demonstrate to colleagues their friendliness, interest them, we are waiting for, when they once again will hurt or disappoint us.

In any case, resisting the situation, we clumsily spend the energy and continue to get what resist, no closer to what you really want.

What we resist, persists to come back.

You get what focus. Unwanted, from your attention only increases.

When you give something attention and experiencing intense negative emotions, you will once again attract what resist.


Whatever you give attention to grows in your life

Resisting something, you continue to create, because we believe that to get rid of it. The feeling of despair was the source of your resistance, and it will appear again if you believe that you can't get what you want.

Resist, you strengthen your faith in the fact that you can't get what you want.

Imagine you know by e-mail in your name must come a check for a million dollars. In this case, you would not resist and pay any bills and was not afraid to sign them.

You wouldn't want that account gone. Being assured that the money you have is enough, you wouldn't resist the need to spend it.

Imagine that your partner is sick but you know that he would soon recover. How can you, with this information, to drop everything and start to personally care for him?

Aren't you afraid he'll feel abandoned, do not resist diseases and do not believe that it is a heavy burden.

Your resistance comes to naught as you are sure that you will get what you want. Your confidence that all will be well, will not allow you to fall into the trap of resistance.

Understanding this, it will become clear that for success we need to abandon the idea to resist anything. The next step is finding the confidence which will help you to get what you want. Nothing strengthens it as the first success.

Achieving success is like rolling from the mountain snow. The longer it rolls, the bigger it grows.

Similarly, achieving even minor success strengthens your faith. After him comes a new, more impressive success.

It will give you more confidence. Along with her will increase and your next success. Now you believed in themselves, filled with enthusiasm. You just radiate positive energy and confidence!

Once typing speed, a person often continues to roll on inertia. Nothing succeeds like success.

Having learned this, you can understand why it is so important every day to determine their desires. If you made a wish and it came true, you will feel a surge of strength from knowing that they are able to attract into your life what you want.

However, the small miracles will never happen if you cease to feel gratitude for them.

Nothing succeeds like success.

In order to achieve personal success, we need to feel and act in accordance with your true desires. Unfortunately, most of our daily aspirations creates just the habit of resistance.

Such desires are not true. Instead of trying to attract into your life what you really want, false wishes Rob you of energy and confidence the powerlessness to get what you want.

Focusing on unwanted you strengthen your confidence in the fact that they are unable to get what you want.

Let's say you are stuck in traffic. If you hurry, you want the machine moving as quickly as possible.

Opposing traffic situation, you focus on what you do not want, and thereby enhance their inability to get what you want. Most likely, you intuitively prefer the strip, where cars move the slowest.

And even if they taxied in not the most bad, think that she is the worst.

Why (for example, in the supermarket) last packaging of the product will always carry in front of your nose?

Why, when you are in a hurry and worried — get in line that's barely moving? This is not an accident. Here clearly there is a pattern.

In a hurry, being in an unbalanced state, you will choose the slowest queue.

If we hurry, in the supermarket line that moves slower than all the others.

Not being in harmony with your inner centre, you unconsciously ("intuitively") will choose a wrong path. Opposing circumstances, we will only aggravate the situation. Focusing on not wanting to wait, we will have to wait longer.

Why the past repeats itself

The above is another reason why it is so important to heal old wounds.

If in the past you have experienced painful experiences (for example, in business or personal relationships), we will strive to avoid them again.Resistance to suffering can again bring them.

However, if you have not previously offended, you are not going to think much about the grievances, and naturally focus on what you want. This is what will be attracted into your life.

Resistance painful experiences causes the probability to re-experience them.

It is very hard to resist being bad that happens. After one is in trouble, we naturally do not want its recurrence.

But by focusing on that lack, we a certain extent again attract suffering. The more we healed your past, the less we will have to disturb the shadows of the past.

Until we get rid of the pain associated with bygone events, some negative aspects will be repeated and annoy us.

For example, if we passionately do not want to be alone, is exactly what we will get. If you do not wish to be rejected and ignored, that's going to happen.

If we dread the possibility of losing something —it will be lost. If we are oppressed by the thought of unloved work it will be a source of trouble.

If we just can't get along with some person, we will have to deal with him.

The more we want something, the more it is attracted into our lives.

Learning to heal past wounds, we let go of former pain, and her subconscious expectation of its recurrence.

From now on, we will have our freedom. to a greater extent focus on what you want. Our positive desire will increase to the extent we can get rid of past grievances.

If you do not let your past, it will again and again will appear to you. Bucking the negative feelings, you will automatically attract situations that cause unpleasant emotions.

Resistance not only prevents the attraction of what you really want, and spray force. It's like a hole in your tank of love where it is not filled.

Your energy, instead of being deliberately used in constructive purposes, drain from him.

As an experiment, try to note all the negative thoughts and bad feelings, which you Express in words in a day.

You will be amazed how often this happens. But "voiced" resistance is just the tip of the iceberg.

Negative statements reflect the true nature of resistance. Our true goal is healing the resulting emotional experiences and sensations. Start with awareness of what you have said.

Be careful in the words. I gained confidence in creating your life, you will see that you made come true.

The power of your words are endless. Especially if you Express your true desires.


The game of resistance

The game in the resistance can be fun. We sometimes play it with my twelve year old daughter Lauren. One day, we together go shopping and simply note all negative statements to each other.

Then try to speak differently. Here are a few examples of our statements:

I said "most Likely, there is a good Parking lot, let's try somewhere else". I should have said: "let's see if there are any nearby good Parking lot".

Then we went to where we wanted to Park and found the Parking lot.

She said, "I Hope we don't have to wait long; I have so much homework". Then he corrected himself: "I Hope won't take long. I want to have enough time to do homework".

When it came time to leave the store, I said, "Your mother won't like it if we zapozdal". Together we have altered this sentence: "If we get home, mom will be very pleased."

Near the house in the car I said, "don't forget to take a bag." In the positive version it is stated: "We now make sure all took."

Stop resisting partner

The same principles apply to interpersonal relationships. Do not focus on the actions and emotions of the partner that you consider to be negative.

Focus on the behavior and reactions of the person that you like. For example, the desire to hear from him, what a wonderful person you are.

Remember the times when your partner gave you a high rating. Feel: "I wish he loved me and thought I was gorgeous".

Instead of thinking, "He never in not helping me". Remember how he once helped you relive your feelings at that moment. Then Express your desire to re-experience similar emotions and think: "I want my partner helped me."

If thus to shift the focus, will find their solution to ninety percent of the problems. Define your positive desires, you will awaken the inner belief in the possibility of gaining what you want.

When your faith gets stronger, the dream will begin to occur.

If you make a wish with positive emphasis, and thereby contribute to their implementation.

When dealing with people, try to address them in an affirmative way and avoid to complain, to criticize and requirementsMB.

Try to get rid of expressions such as "no", "you shouldn't", "you must", "you never...", "you always...", "why don't you...".

Try it — at least as the game is to find a more positive way of expressing their desires.

Instead of "We never go out" say: "Come for the weekend to do something unusual." Than to say "You again forgot to take out the trash", speak differently: "When did you last take out the trash? The bucket was full, so I made it myself".

If you are asking about something more, not to Express in words the conviction, not shame, not blame. All fails, if you use a light tone, as if she was at the table, ask your partner to apply oil can.

There is no need to doubt that he'll hear you.

If you turn to the partner, believing that he is deaf, he won't hear.

If you oppose some actions or sentiments, at a time when your partner is in a good mood, brief and friendly ask him about it, and then patiently insist on it.

The case — again, ask, but each time, as if doing it for the first time. After several requests partner will understand that not gave you what you wanted; however, he will be thankful that you are not swinging his nerves.


You will be surprised! What is actually said tattoos on the bodyHOW to learn to manage emotions

The latter fact will allow him to overcome his own negative emotions in relation to you. He will not only reject you, but will gain an additional incentive to make you something else.

The same approach applies to all aspects of the relationship: in the office, school and at home.


The power of memory

The memory of the good strengthens your confidence as well as negative experiences reinforce the resistance of life. If I really want something to happen, then remember the happy past events.published




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