Train drivers or passengers?

I have a good friend Slava Druzhinin. And his question varied. Maybe because he has to move very much. Firstly, because he is an expert on the alarm system and everything that is associated with this area. And move between objects in Ukraine still have to.
And he is interested in orienteering. Well, there are already two in one. And the city has to visit different, and run on arrival at the place - without fail. Continuous movement. And the move - which just does not occur. It seems to be an abstract and an outsider. Well, that's how to tell. If anyone has a desire to join the discussion / development topics - you are welcome.
All our baryons foreseeable world is static and predictable. Rock on Mars Martian lying on the ground and will lie for a long time is unthinkable. Asteroid - flies and flies and we know where someone will fall or become companion. Babbling brook .... and predictably fall into the larger creek downstream. Everything lends itself easily calculate the physical laws. We look into space - and see the distant past - so far as to see the whole life of our universe. A bunch more, hydrogen, helium clouds, quasars, and supernova explosions, the birth of galaxies have a complete set of atoms .... And all this we can see from the edge of the universe and is closer to us. We see the past - all 13, 8 milliard years now - we have, and even the future. Sun through 5 billion. Years will swell to a red giant and ... burn down all the planets of their system)) And what is it that can not be predicted? !!!!?
People - such as advanced beings - to create a cosmic scale in a couple of hundredths of seconds (if from the larger bunch took an hour), endowed with thought and instinct of self-preservation, and different from his fellow ... the question "Why?" - Only one can not predict and anticipate his actions. Plant every person on earth before the button that activates supervodorodnuyu bomb and give him the right choice! Press or not ?! I think not survive))) One hundred crazy people all the same presses bastard. Plant a monkey - the 50% to 50%. Each of us is a day decides to 1,000 tasks and every decision meaningful in his life. We are unpredictable ... but still endowed with a wealth of knowledge, and our sin - it is impossible to lose this knowledge. We have now brought their society to the abyss. 100 years - and irreversible things lead to the collapse of our land and we will live nowhere else. Mars? Protection from solar radiation is not there, in contrast to the Earth. We now face a choice - near the "button" society as a whole. To be or not to be.
Yet deep shock of physics. First cycle: there are string theory, the theory of the existence of parallel worlds, worlds in other dimensions - and all this to explain the fundamental laws of gravity. Ie people with its huge selection creates separate threads of development (parallel universes))) and can no longer worlds). If so, the unpredictability of human provable and predictable in each descending branch. And the second cycle for those who do not believe in the foregoing type nonsense. There is one branch of life - destiny. And we just think that we make a decision, and a single solution imposed on us. And who then handles the whole process? God, the supreme alien intelligence or someone else ...


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