Moscow Metro (42 photos)

Total in Moscow metro fifteen electrodepot. "Izmailovo" opened January 14, 1950. First, it acted as a depot division "Sokol", and then allocated an independent part of traction.

Now depot served by more than 200 cars and there is a change of cars such as Em and new Hedgehog "Rusich". In addition to the depot operates shop where repair wheelsets from all over the metro.

Local landmark - the historic wagon series A number 1. The first car of the first series of cars in the Moscow subway.

It seems that the interiors of the depot remained untouched since its discovery.

One of the shops electrodepot in 1954 was opened last station "May Day", which operated until 1961. On the walls of the shop are still visible remains of the architectural details of registration station. "Rusich", despite the fact that they appeared almost twenty years ago, look at this entourage as alien creatures.

The Soviet Empire architecture - the star should not framing anything, and certainly cornucopias.

The silence was half-empty depot (all trains on the line) gives the arrival of "Rusich". He was sent to the sink.

And measures the temperature axis at the wheel pairs - not heated whether there during the voyage.

Susceptor "Rusich". That this thing applies voltage to 825 volts from the third rail train engines. Copper pin on the right is needed to ensure that the train could move the depot, where there is no contact rail.

On the so-called pin wear bait - a long electrical cord with power, suspended from the top of the metal guide.

Machine for grinding wagon wheels. Here they literally remove chips.

Here, in the former lobby of the station "May Day" is worth the car simulator, where trained future assistant engineer.

The cabin of the car simulator. As a child, I thought that this wheel is converted train from one track to another. In fact, it's just a handbrake. Here everything is working properly, fastened to the window light and can even include recording an ad station.

Training class in the train simulator.

Board arrangement with recordings of compositions - also a kind of tourist attraction. Judging by her condition, she was my age.

At the checkpoint, which is located under the "business card" depot - a turret clock - one my age: the control panel that shows the park path, arrows, traffic lights and preparations for the following ways. To get here, we needed special permission management.

From the balcony of the checkpoint a beautiful view of a stretch of road near the "Izmailovo».

Sidings electrodepot "Izmailovo».

At the station "Kiev" we were put on one of the passing trains. Accompany us went Sergey - an experienced driver with twenty years of experience.

In a small room, where machinists are going to change - schedule of the line locomotive crews.

And something like a wall newspaper in verse. Unknown author shames delinquent drivers. In a series of wagons "hedgehog" no alarm blocking the parking brake (these are the steering wheels in the cockpit) and sometimes machinists go in flight with locked brakes. This is a serious disorder that turns than a reprimand, a fine is also considerable.

Here we are on the road. At the site operator - Igor. We have a long way to go - full circle from the "Kiev" to "Kiev". Such a range of drivers have called "the wheel." On the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line this "donut" - two hours. Per shift driver winds three or four of these circles.

Station "Revolution Square».

On "Rusich" has two cameras, with which the driver monitors the entry and exit of passengers.

New trains are equipped with cruise control (APC-ALS). However, where this system is not on the ways in "Rusich" next to the driver rides assistant that monitors the traffic lights. When the path begins with ARS-ALS assistant out of the cab and the driver is traveling alone.

Left hand on the driver of the speed controller, right - on the tumbler emergency braking.

The maximum speed of the train in Moscow metro - 80 km / h.

Sasha settled down with his tripod next to the driver.

In the final composition takes shunting driver:
- Well, like a chimney?
- Nothing is normal.
We are moving to the other end of the platform and sit on the same train that came out of the impasse.

"Mitino" - 180th station of the Moscow Metro. Opened recently - at the end of December last year.

Remote "Rusich" with flight schedule on cardboard. The engineers say that this train, of course, does not compare with the "Hedgehog" (Hedgehog series), but here is what to fix and do better.

Many thanks to the press service of the subway for their help in organizing the filming.
Continuing the story of the underground should be.

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