Stockholm Subway (41 photos)

This metro can easily compete with the beauty of Moscow.
Total in the world there are 165 metrosistem, but a small part of them is some interest.
The author went to Stockholm to ride the subway and to see everything.

1. In Sweden, there is only one subway, and it about a hundred stations. It seems compact and small, in fact, from the center out to distant suburbs.

2. Do not try to look for a familiar letter "M" - in Stockholm subway is called the word «Tunnelbana», and the entrance is indicated by a blue letter "T».

3. In fact, in the announcement post, I allowed myself to sarcasm: subway, in fact, very ordinary. Beautiful plants are not so much, and almost all of them are located on the "blue" branch. We still go there.

4. And the "subway" the underground can be called with a large preload: underground stations less than half, nearly all stations along the edges of the ground lines.


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