The most unusual subway station

In this article you'll learn about the most elegant and unusual subway stations from around the world.
It's nice to ride and be in this tale.

Golden Metro station in Riyadh
Let's start with the very station in Riyadh. It was the famous architect Zaha Hadid. Designed by her project involves the creation of a huge building area of ​​20 thousand square meters. Both internal and external decoration of this object will be styled with undulating sand dunes of the Arabian Desert. A yellow color will just be achieved through the use of finishing plates of real gold.

Metropolitan Naples: Station in marine colors
Naples - is a coastal city, it is located on the shore of the warm sea. This geographical location decided to immortalize in the design of a subway station in the village Taskerts Blanca Oscar (Oscar Tusquets Blanca). This object looks like is not in the underground, and in the underwater world. More and vaults of the station is decorated with a mosaic of seemingly endless coral.

Rotten train. Station Bockenheimer Warte in Frankfurt
It's no secret that the metro - it is a train that goes underground. And in the city of Frankfurt is even a very clear demonstration of this obvious truth. It is a pavilion ground station Bockenheimer Warte, which looks like a wagon train partially sank into the ground.

Metropolitan Station 20 - the backbone of the city of Sofia subway
Metropolitan - is an important component of the city, the main vehicle for him, the real backbone of the city. This function is played out in the draft Metropolitan Station Station 20 in the capital of Bulgaria, an atrium that resembles a glass backbone.

Station O'Hare in Chicago
O'Hare Airport in Chicago is connected to the rest of the city, including, thanks to the subway. And in the last station of the same name it is one of the most beautiful and impressive of such facilities in the world. After all, the design used in its curly glass elements and a lot of bright, beautiful drawings, the originals of which are drawn children.

Dome Light station Formosa Boulevard in Taiwan
The interior of the station in the Formosa Boulevard metro Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung recently decorated with the amazing beauty of the installation of Light Dome (Dome of Light) - a huge dome 30 meters in diameter, constructed from glass of different bright colors and shades.

Central Park at the metro station in Taiwan
Another unusual in the metro station of the Taiwan Kaohsiung. Located near the central park of the city, and it is itself a masterpiece of landscape art, after the descent into the earth it is equipped as a landscaped terraces with the real grass and shrubs growing on the slopes.

Rock paintings in the station Tensta in Stockholm
The Stockholm Metro is considered the most unusual and beautiful subway in the world. And every plant in it - it is a masterpiece of art and architecture. Take, for Tensta, the walls of which are decorated with drawings such careless and sketchy that even resemble rock painting primitive people. However, they represent some reason life Antanktide.

Children Hallonbergen station in Stockholm
A wall of another subway station in Stockholm, Hallonbergen, decorated with drawings of the youngest artists, which even five years is not fulfilled.

Station Slavic Boulevard, Moscow
Everyone knows how beautiful the old Moscow metro stations, many of which are chic decoration can be compared with the palaces. But some of the new station in the Russian capital is also strongly stand out from the rest. For example, Slavic Boulevard, known as "the pearl of the underground».



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