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There are more than two hundred cities, which operate this type of public transport like the subway. It is of several varieties, but the conversation today is not about that. Interesting facts will suffice all. Let's start with the historical facts. The first metro line was opened in London on January 10, 1863. It was called «Metropolitan line» was horse-drawn. Seven years later, here came the first example of the underground, which we know.

The second in the history of the subway has become Athens. The first line, and the only one for 129 years, was opened here on Feb. 27, 1869. Only in 2000, at the Athens metro appeared two linii.

If we look at the shortest metro in the world, it will be several options. We choose among all Austrian Serfaus, the length of which is only 1280 meters and connects the parking lot to the ski lifts. That is, it is not the classic version of the urban mode of transport.

When it comes to the off-street short-speed urban mode of transport, it will be Carmel Haifa, Israel. Six stations and two kilometers in length, along with the stations.

The longest underground metro line is considered Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line in Moscow. Its length - 41, 2 kilometers.

The largest in the world is New York City Subway, the length of which, together with ground and above-ground portions of 1355 kilometers!

At the same time, the longest subway exclusively for passengers is considered to be in London. The length of the line - 408 kilometers.

Once we almost missed, but wait too long to remember. The youngest metro currently the Almaty subway. It was opened on 1 December 2011.

Another "thing." The deepest station in the world - the metro "Arsenal" in Kiev, located at a depth of 105, 3 metra.

The cheapest ride is in North Korea. The trip will cost three American tsenta.

And here again it is considered the most expensive London Underground.

The most high-tech underground rightfully boasts of Dubai. Here, everything is automated as much as possible and the number of staff in tens, and sometimes hundreds of times smaller than in many cities of the world.

Many call Metro Athens most beautiful in the world. We give preference to Stockholm. Not for nothing because it is also called the world's longest art galereey.

The most expensive subway called Metro Tehran. And deservedly so. More than a billion dollars has been spent on its launch. A few years before the opening of the subway used by the government as a bunker in case of danger.

Only two subway in Africa (Cairo, Tunisia) and Australia (Sydney, Melbourne).

The narrowest track subway is in the Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca. Width - 1000 mm.

The deepest metro in the world, at an average depth is considered to Metro St. Petersburg.

Angle escalators worldwide is 30 degrees.

Every 20th suicide occurs in the underground.

If all lines are subways pull into one track, you get a distance approximately equal to the distance from the North Pole to the equator.

Most downloaded metro in the world - Tokyo. And the busiest station - Shinjuku, passed more than 2 million passengers a day.

The biggest metro station in the world is a Dubai-based "Union Square". Its area - 20 thousand square meters.

In the Sao Paulo subway station announces mashinist.

In the Tokyo subway has a special "compactors" who "packed" can not accommodate passengers during rush hour. This position is called "Hosea."

Here, there is a special "female" cars marked with pink signs. Typically, this is the first and last carriages.

This fact ended. However, we will continue to collect them and to share with you.

Source: re-actor.net/facts/6880-interesting-facts-about-metro.html


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