Some part of my life, I put the work in the subway.

Some part of my life, I put the work in the subway.
Accumulate some pictures that I want to share with you.
Will 28 ph. A selection of not breaking. As zakontsu-otpishus

View of the park path. Electro Depot "Vyborg»

They are the same.
In the distance you can see the station under construction "Parnassus»

Nearby area

Station under construction "Parnassus»

Park path.
Electric drags part of the depot after the "jumper again»

Turnover structure of the station "Parnassus»

Composition after washing basking in the spring sun
The building on the left-washing.

Inside the yard area

The border station "Parnas»
Behind the building cleaning

View of the park path (to CAT) Electro depot «Northern»

The road to the depot

The so-called "podёmka." There is carried out repairing

Electro Depot "Neva»
View of the park path

The train goes to the depot

View of the depot from the window of the office building

Inside the yard area

From top to bottom

From the window the landscape ...



In the distance you can see the fire truck on a pedestal. I understand that there are trained MOE. At the same site, according to rumors, is the plane

The top of the cable-stayed bridge

Administrative building.
8 floor. Area in front of the elevators

And finally some more pictures «Vyborg».
The unit for clearing snow from the park paths. Powered by a combustion engine, mounted inside. Coupled to the electric locomotives.


Departure from the depot.




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