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Perm - the largest city in the Urals with nearly three hundred years of history. During this time, of course, there were a lot of things and have something to fill a museum. You can talk about MZ, Orthodox wooden sculpture, "Doctor Zhivago" or Stalin's camps.
Remember the line from Wikipedia: Egoshihinsk cemetery is separated from the residential part of the river called the Styx. In fact Styx turned brook, which is easy to go through, it is not noticed.
A real river in Perm - Kama.
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This embankment near the River Station. The sky is gray, gray snow, people do not have, dark early, late dawns, roads are bad, small salaries, summer does not come around Russia. Against this background, "Happiness is not far away" seems ironic monument to the hopes of the time of Khrushchev's thaw. Even the paint on the letters as though burned. It will be, say, half a century, and happiness and will be somewhere on the outskirts. Not far off, but at least a broad river.

But in the summer on the waterfront walks people from the open cafes loud sounds bad music, all drinking beer, dancing, playing with children. View beautiful. The inscription is transformed into a completely sincere promise Joshua and touching, floating-degree conviction.

Nearby in the same price at the same time trade shawarma and shavermoy. )))

Red "P" - the logo of the city - came up Artemy Lebedev, it pretty quickly installed in the main square, in front of "Theatre-Theatre" (former Perm Drama). By the spring of 2011 the letter was broken, so I have found it in the backyard of the museum sovriska PERMM, for oblique wooden fence.

There on the fence and crumbling walls of the museum you can see the plain painting Kharkov artists Hamlet and Roman Minin.




Already on arrival in Moscow, I went to a lecture on the Kharkov Minin street art. It was found among his works, these poems Unpretentious take place is not important. He is a great artist, very talented and interesting

That signature to a picture about the Miners (the painting I have not found, the local graffiti artists painted over her own tags).

PERMM is located in a building not functioning since the nineties of the River station. If you bypass it back, pass by the "Happiness" and mininskih work, the end of the building come across a police station (the former officers), which protects a robot here.

Red People invented group Pprofessors? in the city center, on the roof and at the entrance to the city Philharmonic


Go back to the museum. Stairs to the second floor.

Permanent exhibition at the museum yet, but exhibitions are held regularly. I got to the "Feast of Trimalchio" in March and "Dreams of Ariadne" in July. But about them I will not tell, and tell you about the "Circus Attic" - a children's corner of the museum. This is a room on the second floor, which can be anywhere on Saturday to bring his child to the adults running, but with their own hands created some object of contemporary art. Then make sculptures out of foam, plastic bottles, tape, clay and all the rest. Draw, cut, apparently even read poetry.


Opposite the River Station - railway station, the station "Perm-I». And in front of him on the pavement delineated fossil reptiles (in honor of the city named one of the archaeological periods - Perm).

For the station, across the bridge, on the side of an unpaved road in the city - another work Minin. White brick wall reminded him of school notebook in the box.

In general, with walls and fences Perm okay. In June, there was a festival of "Long history of Perm", in which artists from around the world painted four dozen fences. Now, in place of terrible, dull, gray concrete blocks of the same - long work of art.



But this fence has changed once before, in 2010. In the Perm failed to bring the project «Walking Men» New yokrskoy artist Maya Barkai, which brought together dozens of photos of little green men from different cities of the world traffic. You walk along the wall - and looks.

Nice to know that the quiet Russian Perm and noisy American New York - the same fences. This is Manhattan:

New York, of course, give a suspicious-Soviet home with plaster which does not fray. But some fences are almost indistinguishable.

Transforms payphones. Some of these artist Alexander Zhunev turned into Rybofony (somewhere there is Kotofon, but I have not found).


The most touching - about a loveless marriage:

Transformer also painting the blocks. From one to get votes SpongeBob.

On the other there were some strange teeth.

Before the Gorky library ("Gorkovka") - another sculpture, called scandalous. The peel bitten apple Zhanna Kadyrova made of tiles, and the flesh - of the centennial brick.

On apple convenient to climb, so it always swarming children (plus tourists). For me it was the main argument in favor of sculpture - a work of art makes you laugh children, it is a useful product.

Scandalous called here almost every new piece of public art. And that, in general, justified - every new construction becomes larger the previous one, so that taxpayers, and to a greater extent - policy and guardians of the spirit such as Prokhanov - start to swear.

The height of the log here "P" - 12 meters.

Its author - the same Polissky Nicholas, who made "The borders of the Empire" to the museum. The sculpture is called "Perm gates." Against this background photographed.

Logs are inscribed pens, pencils and markers. The lovers recognize each other in love, write the names of the tourists hometowns, and some owner of a black marker considers it necessary for each leave a response.

Here is another great product - called "La Boheme" and occupies four floors.


In "La Boheme" is very angry with the Russian Orthodox Church: "Like it or not, and the image of the pagan gods on the building in which the Orthodox church - it's just blasphemy." However, the Orthodox church in this building there - the Transfiguration Cathedral is across the street. And I'm not sure where the ROC information that the Greeks - the gods. But to argue, too, does not pull.

The same PTSRD makes a very nice social advertising, but I managed to take a picture but that's a sticker.

It's nice that the slogan picked up entrepreneurs. Between my two visits to the pub entrance changed "strange and pretty meaningless" - there appeared the painting "Woman with a glass of beer."

The appearance of the woman with beer - an important point. It seems to me that the design of the entrance to the pub "strange and pretty meaningless" is outside the competence of the Ministry of Culture of the Perm region. This means that "Perm cultural project" still has healed his own life.

The purpose of the project - to breathe life into the city, to make between work and home in Perm appeared comfortable "third place" - the urban environment in which to live pleasant and interesting. The authors' position is advantageous in that all new, helping to solve this problem - an independent bookstore, funny graffiti or a concert good a visiting group - willy-nilly became part of the project and working on it.

Ideally, after some time, Gelman and Chirkunov will absolutely not necessary because a) The Permian youth perehochetsya fell from the revived city (according to Gelman, in 2008, to leave wishes of 60% of young people, in 2011 - already 11%) b) of artists from other Cities do not have to drag force here), the city itself becomes an enabling environment for the emergence and growth of talented people and unblinkered.

Well, that is Graffiti penguins scattered around the city - not the merit of the governor. But penguins are working for the governor.


And this is - the usual registration of the trade center.

Peoples on the walls of the shopping center - as red men on the roof of the Philharmonic - have become part of the Permian puzzle. Even it does not matter whether their creator knows about P and about Gelman; Gelman seen whether these pictures - and they do not get taken in isolation from the rest of the urban environment. Wandering around the city, I sometimes could not distinguish where the "public art" of Gelman and the company, and where - just a good graffiti; where red letter R painted on purpose, and where she told me she just imagining things. The city's face appeared, and it is lovely.

In late October, promises to open a new art object. Previously we talked about the sculpture media person, composed of television sets; Giant scarab beetle rolling a huge tegmental ball; lighthouse on the seafront of the Kama; the new building of the Perm Gallery, part of the water is part of the Kama; five design streets, decorated each of which will separate the designer (including Lebedev).

Something of it will live up to the implementation.



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