The 7 most beautiful metros in the world

The subway in Stockholm. The Station Solna Centrum.


Experienced travelers say that in some cities in the metro need to go necessarily, even if you have no purpose to drive from one point to another. An unforgettable experience you provided!

For residents of big cities subway is the usual form of transport, but for tourists it is often one of the most colorful and interesting attractions. The first is often down into the subway with a tired and disgruntled individuals, but the latter perceive the trip as a journey through a magical land where every station is a new cause for wonder and admiration.

Logo oldest subway in the world – London.


London is the world's Oldest underground, which began in 1863. Currently has 275 stations and is the fourth largest in the world for the length. Some London underground station retains historic charm, it seems, hasn't changed since its opening. Others, however, impress with their super-modern, and sometimes even a little futuristic. The latter include, for example, Westminster, which greets passengers with metal surfaces and with numerous pipes in the interior.


One of the most beautiful metro stations in Naples – Toledo.

 Naples Metro in this Italian city is relatively young (the first underground area of urban transport was launched only in 1993) and compact (to date there are only 2 lines with 20 stations). Perhaps the main attraction of the underground of Naples can be considered the Toledo station, designed by architect Oscar Ticketcom. The walls and ceiling of the station is covered with mosaic of turquoise and white colors, due to which some of the passengers the feeling of the snow Kingdom, and others − the illusion of space. By the way, many people consider Toledo the most beautiful metro station in the world!


Mosaic on the wall of the metro station Novoslobodskaya, Moscow.

 Moscow that the Moscow metro is one of the most beautiful in the world, you know, probably, all the inhabitants of the capital (even those who in the subway did not go down for many years). Novoslobodskaya with a spectacular stained-glass Windows, Komsomolskaya with its Grand columns and panels, the Revolution Square with bronze sculptures... it Seems that in the Moscow metro has it all, even the real fountain (at the station, Roman). No wonder the Metropolitan subway lately arrange special tours for tourists: there really is something to see.


The subway in Stockholm. Station T-Centralen.

 The Stockholm metro (Tunnelbana or as it is called by the inhabitants of the Swedish capital) consists of 100 stations, 47 of which were carved into the rocks. Many tourists compare Stockholm metro art gallery, each station which is a new hall. Traces the archaeological site and the cave of the Mountain king, rainbow on the ceiling and sculptures carved directly from the walls, children's scribbles and the avant-garde — to find two identical (or even just similar in style) station in Stockholm is simply impossible.


The Russian decoration of the Paris metro Madeleine


Paris Second load of the metro in Europe (in the first place – the Moscow metro). By the way, the underground transport of long-standing friendly relations. The map of the Paris metro, you can find the name "Stalingrad" and "Sevastopol", and the station Madeleine installed stained glass "hen", donated by Russia (in response, the French presented us with the design of the entrance of the metro station Kievskaya). One of the features of the Paris metro is that on some lines the train ride with tires that not only look very original, but are considered more comfortable and normal.


Parque metro station in Lisbon.


Lisbon As most of the buildings in the city, the metro station is decorated with tiles. On the decor most of the interior was created by renowned Portuguese artists. For example, station Cabo Ruivo like a "hybrid" space station and primeval caves, and Parque devoted entirely to the achievements of Portuguese discoverers.


Hollywood – metro Los Angeles.

 Los Angeles About this city say that it all looks like one big movie set. This feeling supports, including public transport. In creating the interiors for the subway stations was attended by over two hundred local artists and designers. Fans of the film (and they are among the most tourists) should visit the station Hollywood/Vine station, which is decorated with projectors, reels of film and other "exhibits" devoted to the Golden pages of American cinema.



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