Chinese Subway

In this photo essay you will find interesting and revealing story about the Chinese metro in Shanghai and Beijing, and even some comparison with Moscow. According to the author it is the cheapest metro, where he had just traveled, and ease of transport can compete with the European level.

The difference between the two metrosistem about thirty years. Beijing became the first in the country and opened in 1969, the Shanghai and only in 1993, twenty years ago. But today, they look almost identical: China got some money, old subway completely rebuilt. Both subways have something to boast: Beijing today - a world record for the extent of its lines, as well as daily peak passenger traffic. According to the annual occupy fourth and fifth places respectively. The third Moscow, after Tokyo and Seoul.

In Moscow, the Chinese have adopted the habit of crappy advertising to draw on the pavement before leaving the station. Fortunately, this is only seen two in Beijing.

These metros - the most rapidly razvivaschyuschiesya the world! Today, there are still areas to which is far from the subway, and you need to go on such a "tuk-tuk" for 30-50 rubles. Cool transport. But soon he will go into oblivion. See for yourself: in 2006 in Beijing was only 114 kilometers of railways subway after six years, in 2012, has 442 kilometers and 15 lines by the end of 2015, the first to be built 13 more lines, and the total length will be 708km. And in 2020 the length of the system should reach 1050 kilometers. Ye gods, thousands of kilometers of subway in the same city! And it is - a reality.

Communist slogans resonate with advertising fashion European brands

Tickets are sold in vending machines for cash. In Beijing, the price of one - ten rubles in Shanghai expensive and depends on the distance. B-average, 15-20 rubles within the city center.

Before entering the station must pass inspection. If you have a bag, put it in the X-ray machine. But it quickly and without delay. Taking photographs in the subway, you can all but the guard posts. I got only a piece. Yes, free is not allowed on age and growth.

Tickets and turnstiles - ordinary. The plastic card on which you put the money. When the balance is zero - machine eats it.

When the output is also necessary to make a card. For our growth turnstiles are very low, you can not jump and step over.

Escalators, elevators, English pointers, numbered outputs. These guys took all the best in Europe!

A lot of information stands, tablets. They are well readable from a distance, it is not necessary to look into the sheet with the letters to understand in which direction to go. Write the final station - and immediately clear in which direction the train goes. It's comfortable. It is not enough in Moscow. Well, when it is, when? In St. Petersburg ten years ago we did!

At each station, two underground subways - doors, preventing the fall on the rails. This is called "horizontal lift", and the like can be found in the old station of the St. Petersburg metro. The idea is the same for a long time had to build in Moscow, the third passenger traffic underground world! In the meantime, we have to read every week about how someone fell on the road.

Chinese subway stations unremarkable, although nice. Just all the same.

But on each - a toilet. Most smelly toilet that I have seen in China! But it is!

Each train has a special band indicating the color line. We have a number of lines and colors, no trudnovygovarivaemyh Yunminpunsko-Syanpusyanskaya or Dzedunsko-Shvabroshaolinskaya. Why are they all so-called Moscow? After all, there is no name on the end, like Vykhino-Glider or Schelkovskogo-Stroginskaya. Where is the logic? However, where in the case of the time elapsed from the time of departure (and not the arrival, as everywhere else) train?

Metro should be convenient for everyone. And not just for people with limited mobility, but also for the illiterate. In China, such a lot more, especially in remote villages: they can not read and distinguish colors.

Tactile tiles for the blind. Pointers from which will go and where you need to go in the car. By the way, did not work: the Chinese take it literally, without passing onto and lomyas through corners. At the same time people are out in the middle.

Before each arrival of the train before the doors of queues is not spreading across the platform.

In cars like this. Nothing unusual, like everywhere else. Trains new China. All travel, buried in phones. Most people reading! :)

Another visual propaganda for those who can not read.

Advertising on the cars - wildly annoying, intrusive. The Chinese like it, if the emotion - so show. This is so unlike the Chinese themselves, who prefer to keep everything in himself.

Careful circuit with flashing dots above each door. This design I like clumsy, what to do in the new trains in Moscow.

But in the subway cars of the Chinese show Putin! Residents of China are very fond of him, called «strong man». Everyone who spoke to me about it, persistently offered to pick it up himself, we do not need!

The doors to the cab driver - glass, you can see what is happening.

Means to combat the hustle separating flows. It should be in every transition, in every footpath, every street.

If the infrastructure of the Chinese copy of the Europeans, the advertising and its design - the neighbors, the Japanese.

While Belgium argues with Holland for the title of the cycle of the world, China is catching up. Bicycle there are a lot, but it has not yet built the infrastructure.

Very comfortable and clear signs of transitions. A couple of years ago in Moscow, started an experiment on Pushkin, where to place the same floor signage. So what things are there? And the Chinese - well done.



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