The fastest aircraft in the world (23 photos)

The name of this bird Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird.
It equipped with a jet engine.
The maximum speed was recorded in 1976, which amounted to 1 905.81 units (3, 529.6 km / h), which is equal to 58.83 kilometers per minute.
Even ground-to-air missiles could not catch up with Lockheed Blackbird, he had only accelerate.
Below you will find more information about him, his history and records, which are kept to this day.

Lockheed SR 71 was in service with the US Air Force from 1964 to 1998. Of the 32 aircraft built, 12 were lost in accidents not related to the actions of the enemy. From 1976 he held the world record as the fastest plane.

Built aircraft were painted dark blue, almost black, to increase the emission of internal heat and act as camouflage against the night sky. Tanned led to the call sign of the aircraft - «Blackbird».

In most of the aircraft using the titanium is limited, it is used only in the components subjected to the highest temperatures, such as exhaust and the front edges of the wings. On SR 71 titanium was used for 85% of the structure of the other parts made of composite materials. It is possible to reduce the weight, thus increasing the speed.


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