The most unusual subway

The Stockholm metro (Stockholms tunnelbana) is often called the longest art gallery world.
About 90 of the 100 metro stations offer visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of
representatives of various types and directions of art. Here and fairy grottoes
(Many stations cut into the rocks as the cave), and sculpture, and the corners of classical architecture,
and wall reliefs, mosaics, graffiti and even video installations. The metro is often arranged exhibitions.
His work of the Stockholm metro provide several hundreds of artists.
Previously, the state annually invested in the underground gallery of about $ 1, 5 million.

1. Station T-Centralen.

2. The walls are painted in blue, arches painted blue images of branches with leaves and silhouettes of construction workers.

3. Total Stockholms tunnelbana consists of three lines: Blue (Bla Linjen), Red (Roda linjen) and Green (Grona linjen). All three lines converge on T-centralen, where the main railway station (Central Station), the central bus station (CityTerminalen).


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