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As everyone remembers, happened, this "absolutely untypical story" can only due to the typicality of the entire Soviet. In the cities of the Union on the streets with typical titles massively built model homes with typical apartment, furnished with typical furniture. Of course, the director Ryazanov deliberately hypertrophied this problem - in fact, in the Soviet Union was not so sad, yet easy natured satire of a panel residential architecture, from which the inhabitants of the country have already begun to tire, found undisputed and clear response in their hearts. Starts 3-hour two-part film based on the request of the Central Television, a small animated videos, ridiculed triumphant on the planet multistory anthills. That's what the good intentions of the architects - a house decorated with an architectural decor in industrial quantities.

But what remains of the original plan after numerous approvals of the project to the higher courts.

And then approved by the House marched sent to conquer the planet.

Credits of the film are a close-up of apartment houses in Moscow region Troparevo, where most were shot, and "full-scale" episodes of "Twist of Fate", both Moscow and St. Petersburg.

All houses beginning of the 1970s - still look like new.

And here is one of the "protagonists" of the picture - the same house Leningrad teacher of Russian language and literature with a beautiful and rare thing named Nadia, at "Leningrad, 3rd Street Builders, 25". In fact, this 16-etazhka located in Moscow, Vernadsky Prospekt.

Ironically, in "Twist of Fate" were filmed not ordinary typical house that if hundreds built in the Soviet Union, which led to confusion that has become subject of a comedy. Nadia Sheveleva and Moscow surgeon Eugene Lukashin live in experimental 5-haul 16-storey residential houses a series of I-99-47 / 406 to 275 apartments each, built in the first half of 1970 in Moscow in a relatively prestigious Vernadsky Prospekt. Total number of such buildings were erected there 3 pieces, in succession, to the ends of the avenue. In the screenshot below - close-up of Nadine "Leningrad" house (Vernadsky prospect, 113). Behind him - in the upper left corner - the average twin (Vernadsky prospect, 119), block the house Lukashina at "Moscow, 3rd Street Builders, 25". That is in fact the protagonists shared an apartment just 700 meters Above right are the ruins of the former village near Moscow Troparevo the church end of the XVII century, included in the city limits and gave the name of the residential area.

Church of Archangel Michael in Troparevo, built in 1693.

Contemporary Photography. The church looks like a large and grand temple for conventional agriculture. Troparevo belonged to a wealthy Moscow Novodevichy Convent, able to afford the construction of such an extraordinary building. In the background (butt) is seen Zhenya Lukashin house, where he went first to the bath, and then to Leningrad.

But first, please movie viewers beautiful panoramic shots southwestern outskirts of Moscow, in fact, built up over 15 years prior to the film (she went on Soviet television screens January 1, 1976). Here's a view of the south-east, towards the city center. High white building in the upper left corner - the hotel "Friendship" at the top in the center of a high-rise dormitory finish building of Moscow State University, the so-called House of the student at Vernadsky.

An interesting complex of four buildings twins in the center of the frame. This fragment of the so-called "German Quarter", which was built in the early 1970s for the embassy staff and the citizens of the GDR Socialist Germany, living in Moscow now, respectively, belonging to Germany. In fact, this is one 16-storey building series 1mg-601-441 for 250 apartments with 4 entrances, built in 1974, shortly before the start of filming here, "Irony of Fate."

The camera moves to the right, and right at the top are seen five identical 19-storey prefabricated houses on Leninsky Prospekt, built in 1967. "In the old days, when a man got in some strange city, he felt lonely and lost. Everything around was strange: some houses, and other streets, another life. But now a different matter: a man falls into any unfamiliar city, but it feels like home. "

Residential neighborhoods southwest of Moscow. In the center - Southwest Forest Park. "To what absurdity reached our ancestors - they agonized over each architectural project. And now all the cities erected a typical cinema "Rocket", where you can see a typical art film. "

At the bottom of the shot hit the street 26 Baku Commissars, to the right - a fragment of an interesting apartment house №11 along this street (it was shown in close-up credits of the film). This 22-storey tower odnopodezdnaya series P-4/22, which was built in 1975.

Just down the street 26 Baku Commissars was built three such towers. From the roof of one of them, middle and shoot a panorama of Moscow, which opens the film.

Finally, the camera down from the roof to the ground. In the picture, just "Leningrad" House of Hope Sheveleva (Vernadsky prospect, 113) with an extension - shop "Products". Its entrance corner, but the opposite, the yard of the building. From left in the background is visible to one of the aforementioned 22-storey high-rise.

The same building and the same shop at the old pictures. Later on the basis of this experimental series was developed several improved series (n-3 and more), which have already been introduced in the mass construction.

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By the way, an average of three buildings-twins - only do not use in the film - before his death, he lived a famous science fiction writer Arkady Strugatsky. The annex is a pastry shop.

"3rd Street Builders." On the right in the foreground - the house Zhenya Lukashin, then - House Strugatsky, very far away - the house Nadi Sheveleva. Interestingly, at the time of shooting the picture either in Moscow or Leningrad no 3 Street Builders was not: in Leningrad - never did, and in Moscow itself, was renamed in 1963, 12 years before the film's release.

Moscow LiAZ 677,260 of route, state number 87-59mna. On the bus at the beginning of "Twist of Fate" to Lukashin rides his friend Paul by Alexander Shirvindt at the end of the same picture on the same bus back home from the airport the very Lukashin.

This buys Maiden champagne Pavlik somehow in New Cheryomushki, in the street Shvernik. From left in the background - a 16-storey socket 1965, and on the right in the distance visible body houses graduate students and fellows of Moscow State University, flashed in another episode of the picture, at the very end of it. More on this later.

This is a similar perspective on contemporary photography.

Shopping Complex on the left - is now rebuilt a former shopping center "Cheryomushki", a fragment of which is noticeable signs in the movie at the top of the frame.


In the next moment, Paul, along with his champagne instantly transferred from Cheryomushky a few kilometers south-west again Troparevo and appears at the grocery store on the street 26 Baku Commissars. Asked the passerby the way to the "3rd Street Builders," Pavlik goes in the direction mentioned above have three 22-storey twin towers.

And here is the coveted Zhenya's entrance with fake number 25, to the right is visible church of the Archangel Michael in Troparevo.

A similar modern perspective. The house has made an extension of the Theatre on the South-West.

Entrance. All interior shooting carried out, of course, in the pavilions "Mosfilm".

Kitchen apartment in Moscow №12. Window to the bathroom, on the window sill of which are classic Soviet red polka dots banks for loose products.

A typical Soviet apartment. In this new film, in which the hero with his mother just drove. In reality, the last of the three buildings on the Vernadsky was commissioned in 1973.

Bath episode - and the pavilion. "Bathroom in each apartment - it is convenient, it is a civilization, but the process of washing, which is in the bath looks like a solemn ceremony in the bathroom - just washing off the mud." The solemn rite of Dec. 31, as is customary in our latitudes, is accompanied by copious libations.

But everything comes to an end at the Domodedovo airport, where friends are going to see off Pavlik to Leningrad, and eventually sent to meet his fate bachelor Zhenyu. On the table - a cognac and a bottle of non-alcoholic tonic drink "Sayan" with a characteristic purple label and pattern of these same Sayan her.

In the picture - the airport terminal, built in 1965 by architects G. Elkin, G. Kryukov, V. Lokshin, and long-range Tu-114 still in the old livery of "Aeroflot".

But Lukashin Leningrad, of course, flies in the usual "whistle" - Tu-134.

Neon sign of the Leningrad airport.

The vast majority of natural episodes of "Twist of Fate" was filmed in Moscow. However, for the filming of the scene at the airport of Leningrad filmmakers took the trouble to actually go to Pulkovo. On the right in the background can be seen the characteristic "glass" of the local passenger terminal.

Leningrad terminal "Pulkovo" on a postcard in 1979. It opened in 1973 (architect A. Zhuk).

The taxi rank is right outside the airfield, to the aircraft was on the doorstep. An incredible situation from the point of view of modern aviation security regulations.

Taxi brings Lukashina from Pulkovo straight back to Moscow Vernadsky Avenue, the house №113.

That this is now locked.

Not exactly a typical off-3rd street is not very Builders. Deliberate blizzard throughout the film - the result of powerful wind machine. The end of winter of 1974-75, was in Moscow snowless.

Entrance Nadine house. Pay attention to the amount of glass in the front group, and flaming torches on the visor.

The same staircase after 35 years. The door is replaced by a blank, windows bricked up, no lights. Planned by the architect came into full conflict with the morals of our people.

Frustrated Hippolyte rushes on a personal "troika" scarlet aimlessly on intradomestic travel.

This episode also shot on location in Leningrad. In the background - St. Isaac's Cathedral.

Both Romeo freezing at Nadine entrance with vegetable.

The heroine Barbara Brylska sent to the station for a ticket to Eugene. In the background is the same house on Vernadsky Prospekt in Moscow.

Moscow railway station in Leningrad - a copy of the Leningrad railway station in Moscow. Both under the name St. Nicholas was built in 1851, designed by Konstantin Ton is the ultimate terminal Nikolaev railway, one of the first railways of the Russian Empire.

The taxi driver brought the heroin to Moscow railway station, but the tickets while she buys at the central railway ticket offices. Building on the Griboyedov Canal Embankment eclectic facade of the late XIX century, it hides a contemporary interior of the 1970s.

It looks like the courtyard of an old apartment building, the roof covered with cash hall with typical lanterns.

Wife purchasing tickets for the first train to Moscow, Nadia long walks in the city of St. Petersburg to the song Michael Tariverdiev "I asked Ash." The background are the classic types of Leningrad. Saint Isaac's Cathedral.

Alexandrinsky Theatre (1832, architect Carlo Rossi), in front of which stands a monument to Catherine II.

St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral in 1762.

Suddenly - Moscow! 1st Krasnikursantsky fare and typical Moscow Lefortovo MTV-82 tram in the background. In Leningrad, whereas such was not simple.

Again Leningrad. Nagy Peter and Paul Fortress in the background the spire of the Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Strelka of Vasilyevsky Island from a Rostral columns. Walk, I must say, came the grand scale.

Lukashin also sent home to Moscow, traveling on a bus from the airport and back for some reason, not out in his Troparevo and in New Cheryomushki, at the very outside Shvernik rynochke where each morning he bought champagne Pavlik. To the right are clearly visible "stripped" stalinki the late 1950s on the even side of the street.

Before the residential house on Vernadsky Prospekt here - ten kilometers, however, Lukashin persistently plods on Shvernik under the canopy extension to the house of Moscow State University graduate students and trainees.

Modern picture of the same complex of the university dormitories.

Despite the January blizzard, Lukashin somehow familiar to dobredaet temple in Troparevo.

And yet, in the end, all these adventures end with a happy ending (unless, of course, not counting abandoned Hippolytus and Gali). It is thanks to the typical Soviet architecture, even turned out to be not such a typical, two loneliness - Moscow and Leningrad - finally met at the "3rd Street Builders, 25".

Memories of the filming of the two plaques immortalized in both houses on Vernadsky Prospekt, which played such an important role in the fate of the characters and all the Soviet viewers. Blackboard is a very valuable portfolio Lukashina with a broom.

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And, to paraphrase the ending of the excursion:
"- I am very grateful that in Leningrad have the same street, the same house, the same apartment, otherwise I would never have been happy ... - We would never be happy».
I think we all appreciate that there is this film. And memories of the old bears happiness.

That's all, I hope that my first attempt did not become lumpy. Thanks to the author, everyone who watched it (I hope it was interesting), and good luck in the new 2013!
All end of the movie!




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