About the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!"

Traditionally, Dec. 31, covering the festive table or going to visit, we will look familiar to all, without exaggeration - by heart, the most-Christmas film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!┬╗.
So today we decided to introduce you to the interesting facts about the filming of this much-loved Soviet lyrical comedy.
1. So telepremera one of the most popular paintings by Eldar Ryazanov was held December 31, 1975. The audience first show reached 100 million viewers, and the film is already February 7 repeated by popular demand. Motion picture was the best in a poll of the magazine "Soviet Screen" in 1977.
The film is an adaptation of the author's plays Emil Braginsky and Eldar Ryazanov, "Enjoy Your Bath! One or New Year's Eve ... "(hence the second part of the film's title), written in 1969. The performance of this play was successful in several theaters before the movie.
2. On the role of Nadi Sheveleva tried: Lyudmila Gurchenko, Svetlana Nemolyaeva Antonina Shuranova actress Kirov Drama Merimson and others. Also directed by long and hard to persuade to invite Alice Freundlich. But Ryazanov recalled Polish melodrama "The Anatomy of Love", where the main female role was played by Barbara Brylska. He got hold of her phone and called her to Warsaw. After reading the script, Barbara flew to Moscow to audition. Her version of the role was the most convincing.
The photo Barbara Brylska with Eldar Ryazanov and Andrei Myagkov during the filming of "Twist of Fate", 1974.

3. Ryazanov very carefully looked for the lead actors. Zhenyu Lukashina really wanted to play Andrei Mironov, but Ryazanov saw him only in the form of Hippolytus. Also talk about what the character would not use Mironov success with women through the story was not possible - no one would have believed, so his candidacy was not considered. Peter auditioned Velyaminov, Stanislav Lyubshin and Myagkova took almost by accident.

Another interesting detail: almost immediately after the departure of Eugene Hippolyte includes TV, which is the movie "Straw Hat" (1974), first aired December 31, 1974 the first USSR Central Television program, which determines the duration of the "Irony of Fate": heroes meet new 1975. In particular, the screen is visible Andrei Mironov, along with Lyudmila Gurchenko they played leading roles in "Straw Hat" and both auditioned for the lead roles in "Twist of Fate┬╗.

4. Initially, the role of Hippolytus had to play Oleg Basilashvili. Moreover, Jack throws out the window picture Hippolytus, and later Nadia ups of snow picture has not Yuri Yakovlev and Oleg Basilashvili, who previously starred in several episodes, but was forced to withdraw because of his father's death. This frame has not had time to reshoot because of the fact that the spring came and the snow melted.

5. "How disgusting it is your fish in aspic" and "Oh, cushy gone" - a phrase that was not in the script of the film. It was an improvisation Yuri Yakovlev. The fish was really cheesy, and the warm water in the pavilion "Mosfilm" - a rare phenomenon.

6. Eldar Ryazanov played in the film one of the characteristic for him episodic director's roles - a passenger on the plane, on which constantly falls sleep Lukashin. According to the stories of the same Ryazanov, he was very upset, when viewing a recorded scene found that the frames can be seen, as through it is not rare even bald head of hair peeps.

7. famous scene in the bath, where before the New Year going to friends, filmed after the May Day celebrations. Under the stairs in one of the corridors "Mosfilm" installed benches and bath scales.

8. As we remember, the film begins with a satirical cartoon screensaver about the creation of standard architectural projects and ubiquity of identical houses, forming exactly the same neighborhoods in various cities of the country (the author and artist of animation - Vitaly Sands).

9. In fact, shooting pictures were in the apartment prefabricated house, located in Moscow at Vernadsky Prospekt, 125. This house, however, is built on the pilot projects carried out in just three houses in this prospectus. Interior shooting took place in Leningrad apartment house 113. Now, in the basement of the house is 125 Theatre in the southwest. In 2003, on the wall of the house at 125 Vernadsky Avenue was opened plate with images of Barbara and Andrew Brylska Myagkova. However, this is often a sign stealing, and it has to be restored.


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