"Irony of Fate" EYES Psychoanalyst

I have long suspected that a "Irony of Fate" that something is wrong. The analyst Sergey Zubarev proves that there is still much worse. Much more!

"A people's love" to the "Irony of Fate", it is a fact, and the evidence of such love - the number telepokazov. Although the long-term "traditional" may indicate a repetition is not so much about love, but about a neurotic compulsion.

Let us remember only the age at which children require no novelty in fairy tales, but rigorous repetition. This will indicate the depth of regression in which consumers are staying constant "Irony of Fate" and on the date for their perspective of object permanence. This is when your apartment is not your chance and must somehow survive this schizoid splitting.

What's typical for viewers on demand (love) is the kind of movie.

What exactly attracts them to the "Irony of Fate." What deep fantasy? Responses any injuries?

The main characters are single and live with their mothers, although they have well over thirty. A very typical situation of Russian mother-child symbiosis. Boy Jack Lukashin has long fulfilled the fantasy of owning mother. For many years he lived with his mother, but Paradise Regained is clearly flawed. The appeal of a hero, because of incestuous prohibitions naturally suppressed.

Reducing internal stress comes standard Russian way - drinking. Homosexuality - homoerotic company, in which the hero for years unsuccessfully washed convincingly shows his principled unwillingness to deep and lasting relationship. Simply put, a woman to marry - a source of great anxiety. But my mother needs to get married, he had endorsed the candidature, all prepared for the festive intercourse. It is significant that Jack in the bath drinking companions reported that he will marry today. About the registry office, of course, not talking. Lukashin marriage pompously calls Emerging relationship. Will have to meet before the arrival of her mother. Incredibly solemn task to man the fourth ten. But it starts to operate a classic, familiar to every analyst, the mechanism of resistance. There is no need here to describe in detail how the unconscious mechanism ingeniously exploits every possible chance and coincidence, moreover, creates them. It is well known that where common freaks of chance, look for resistance character.

Our character Lukashin rapidly getting drunk, shifts solution drinkers, half-naked men and the company reasonably decides that marrying wife's not necessary.

Initial coincidence - the identity of addresses, door locks and home interiors similarities on the surface is due to prohibitive standardization of Soviet life.

But if we consider the match as a manifestation of the unconscious, what is fantasy embodied so radically?

Note that the hangover is not a by-product of "Russian fun," but the main result of the emotional, the goal of drinking. It returns to the Russians as native state of rejection and humiliation, in which unbearable anxiety of total abandonment poured in quite endurable "hangover┬╗.

And now, after the hangover is implemented unconscious, but the actual fantasy Zhenya Lukashin: Apartment - standard, that is, home of our hero is quite satisfied, because in symbiosis should be closely. Only instead of the old mother - a young, beautiful and completely defenseless.

On detect Hippolytus Zhenya instantly fires characteristic "lozhnoedipov" reflex. Not true passed Oedipal conflict Infanta stay in the illusion of his omnipotence and secured the victory in advance. It provides the position of the mother, "who devoted" himself son.

Lukashin, based on its paraedipalny experience indicates Nadia: I am helpless to me should not be treated cruelly. I - unfortunate child. Nadia, just reacting to the infantile promise Lukashina inhibits aggression Hippolytus. Especially because his aggression already inhibited.

Physically expelled Hippolytus, Lukashin continues magically symbolic struggle for the destruction of his portrait. This home vuduizm characterizes genuine mental level of your favorite hero.

The material of the film does not give direct instructions, but common in the Russian mother-child symbiosis suggests that paternal initiation Zhenya Lukashin failed. Not so important, Jack knew his father or not, he was gone from the mother, he or she is expelled, he died heroically died, or something living in obscurity - to date this Zhenya Lukashin no trace of a strong father.

This is a very Russian style: my mother's son. These children are not ambitious. The reason is not modesty, intelligence, or there, inner harmony. They simply have, in the absence of competition with his father not formed motivational mechanism. They have nothing to desire: her mother received in undivided ownership, and work every career, even the money they do not really need. Moreover, the money they despise the word, but deep down are simply afraid.

Even if they acquire the skilled trades - such as a doctor or teacher, her success is not achieved. Methods of social adaptation they have, in one way or another connected with the pedaling his misery. They are very forgiving of yourself, and meanness of their - kind of like not meanness, and falsehood - do not lie, and embezzlement settles easily: they need. They are very aggressive against men mother - potential stepfather. But in a large society, they inevitably encounter initiated by men, to these fathers and defeated. In this regard, organically developed such features as envy and revenge.

All these qualities are easily found at the popularly beloved Zhenya Lukashin. Characterized by even the phrase, which he attempts to resolve the conflict caused by their appearance: "I'll explain everything to you!" The phrase arrogant and smug character pachyderm. After all, it is such a direct undertones: "You are all stupid, do not understand a damn thing, and I - I understand correctly, so shut up and listen to me." In acute situations, it can only provoke aggression. A sensitive man, not even familiar with the theory and technique of behavior in conflict situations, would be based on the actual state of the other.

So, with a hangover - their own hut, a suitable woman who apparently strict and even slightly deranged son Tapping than once actualize his "establishment". Conveniently.

Reaction Nadi as trivial: the newly-born child is doomed to become more hesitant weak father figure of Hippolytus.

All of this Hippolytus then spit out the main characters, when he slips into a state of intoxication from his unloved. He tells the truth, which is somewhat disavows a method of presentation, and also labeled as a drunken freak. Why this is true, then it blossoms when such romantic fantasies! The great mass of spectators vote for pure romance!

Physical confrontation rivals funny. Judging by the size and condition, Hippolyte had Lukashina just throw from the apartment, and there would be the end of the film, and the myth. I have no doubt that the queue for the beer he'd pushed it easily.

But Hippolytus - not the father, it is correct an older brother with a mass of prohibitions. It seeks to win the love of a woman, or a mother, or the public - still - doing the right thing. Its natural aggression in the bud long-paralyzed mother blackmailed. Zhenya - the only son of freely taking on their own, and not only. It - an irresistible combination for Russian mothers and arrogance wretchedness. Therefore, a large, reasonable Hippolyte mired in networks maternal prohibition on aggression and naturally expelled the frost.

Indicative duality of behavior Nadi. It is at the same time trying to escape under the protection of Hippolytus, defiantly clung to him, prevented him teasingly Lukashin, but immediately castrates his counsel, is expressly prohibited any aggression. Simply put, my dear Nadia shows classic schizophrenogenic behavior toward Hippolyte, and in relation to Lukashin - tempting.

Tactics beneficial: one can always accuse Hippolytus: you could not adequately protect me! A Lukashina can tease: you were persistent enough (resolute, bold) And it's true, all the decisiveness Lukashina reduced to hysterical escapades - ejection portrait, tearing tickets and the like heroism.

Then, suddenly takes on Nadia explanation Hippolyte Lukashina phenomenon. However, she desperately bustling, revealing all the signs of guilt. How to take this wine, if there was no accompanying fantasies, say of a prince-deliverer in the family shorts? Painful, viscous relations with Hippolytus developed since those not only his fault. Let us recall some of the properties of resistance, and the phenomenon Lukashina apartment Nadi no longer seem totally random. This is just a variation on the choice of an inaccessible object. Then, note and quick divorce Gene and Nadi claimed in continuing and so upset many viewers, becoming the most logical option.

Solitude Nadi film fans feel pity particularly deep, because she is a typical victim of "lack of real men!" Ironically, actually lies in the fact that as a prince vymechtannogo it (fate) again puts the heroine useless objects. So it is, if a person does not undertake efforts to develop domestic and external changes waiting situations.

Nadi infantilism not so noticeable as lukashinskaya, due to narcissistic character pupation. She firmly "holds the facade," with myself admiring, saving up insults and lies, like breathing. Well, that's why she be Lukashina as Hippolytus? It is terrible to admit to his homoerotic company to be ineffective? That is, it lies mostly itself. And favorable option for her life scenario is unlikely.

Naturally there is the mother of Nadia and squeezes finally Lukashina.

Well, here the audience is inevitable spike separation anxiety almost lethal force. And painfully want to have these shiftless characters something "grown together". Happy New EA and end in one bottle.
Audience infantile fantasies was given the freedom of a third century.

Religious similar stories can be only in a society of total fatherless, unloved children in the country who dream of a "wonderful" meeting magically change their dreary existence, and do not want to understand that love - a mental work of a lifetime.

Is not it strange society in which false easily forgiven, but the truth - for what, wretchedness - a synonym for moral purity, and the success and wealth - a sin and filth? In short, the society of fans ironically. "


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