Rab - is an inner psychological state of a man who lives and is guided only by external and internal conventions. It depends on them, belongs to them and can not even think to change them or somehow get rid of.

Rab - the opposite of the leader. The difference of humility is that a leader does not bow to anyone his head, but did not suffer when the other person wants to worship him. Rab, on the contrary, ready to bow to the people, making their way free from dust at the same time he demands the same from others. The leader always keeps himself on a par with all the people, not counting the outcast beggar and the rich idol. Rab, on the contrary, disdain beggars and admires the rich.

Psychology servant is that he is the crowd. His values ​​come from the outside world. In other words, the fact that society considers valuable, then he perceives as a boon. On this basis, a whole industry of consumerism. Rab - a consumer who is happy only material values ​​and lives for his own pleasure. It is an ideal spokesperson for the state, which is easy to manipulate, especially when it is a part of the crowd.

Only free people can have an opinion, to set goals and achieve them. He does not need the approval of the various incentives and others to begin to do something. Psychology as a slave based on a kind of advocating irresponsible. Rab said: "I'm so, nothing can be done about it ... This is my habit, and it will not change ... It's my passion ...". Rab depends on what he enjoys. He concealed his weaknesses, to simply do nothing. He accepts no responsibility for the kind of life he lives and what kind of person is. He's a slave of his pleasure - and this is the cause. Servile psychology is based on the fact that a person does not want to change anything in their lives. And this, he finds a thousand reasons to just do nothing.

Rab - dependent, weak-willed, controlled and does not have an opinion people. All of what he seeks, inspired by his society. Everything he lives - an assessment of the company. And if it suddenly someone does not look so, it will feel like the most miserable person in the world.


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